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This article is about the stun gun in Mankind Divided. For the Mankind Divided pistol or Human Revolution stun gun, see Zenith CA-40 and stun gun.

The Zenith ZAP is a non-lethal weapon in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


The Zenith ZAP is a derivative of the Zenith CA-40 pistol and perma-silenced non-lethal takedown weapon that serves as the close-ranged counterpart to the TRQ 203-C Longsword. It serves as the trusty backup for a stealthy player who wishes avoid performing takedowns to conserve bioenergy, or because getting up close to their target would risk detection.

Against augmented enemies, the ZAP proves to be a surprisingly effective weapon, temporarily disabling their systems and stunning them briefly so that Jensen may retaliate or run away.

However, when faced with more than one target at close range, the ZAP's bolt-action nature proves to be its undoing as it is too cumbersome to deal with that many hostiles effectively. Stun Darts are also quite uncommon in the world, and can be wasted by firing at body armor, so the ZAP cannot (and should not) be relied on as a complete alternative to the standard takedown.

Most notably, however, the ZAP can no longer disable security devices and Bots like its predecessor.


  • The ZAP has to be cycled after each shot, and Jensen is uncloaked after firing, so using it while standing out in the open can lead to the player being detected without being able to retaliate in time. Always stay in cover when firing the ZAP.
  • Despite being silenced, the ZAP could still attract the attention of enemies if it is fired too close to them, or if it hits their armor plates.
  • This weapon is incredibly inaccurate while moving. If you intend to keep it, prioritize upgrading it with a laser sight.


  • Based on its bolt-action operation, the ZAP was probably inspired by the Welrod suppressed pistol.
  • Contrary to the inventory description, the ZAP is not a single-shot weapon as each load of ammunition provides several shots worth of Stun Darts before requiring a reload even in its vanilla state.


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