This article is about the pistol in Mankind Divided. For the Human Revolution pistol or Mankind Divided's stun gun, see Zenith and Zenith ZAP.

The Zenith CA-40 is a weapon in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


The Zenith CA-40 is a derivative of the Zenith pistol. It is a modern, fully ambidextrous and ergonomic sidearm with a very modular design, allowing it to accept several tactical modifications. The magazine holds only 15 rounds by default, but its capacity can be increased. The Zenith features orange tritium-illuminated iron sights.

It is in extremely common use, so ammo will never be an issue, and its penchant for taking upgrades means it can eventually be a formidable backup weapon. The silencer and laser sight, along with adequately-upgraded magazine size, also make it a surprisingly good main weapon for a non-Pacifist player who wishes to be stealthy, though it is not suitable for full-scale combat situations unless (almost) fully upgraded. A silenced Zenith is a useful tool even for Pacifists, as it may be used to lure enemies into locations away from their patrol path so that they can be disposed of discretely; when a shot is fired, enemies will investigate by walking to where the shot hit. That, and it comes with EMP ammo.

Like its predecessor, the CA-40 is one of the most common weapons in enemy hands, and is not particularly threatening when used by them; while no enemy should be underestimated, the player will only really find themselves in trouble if they are surrounded by several enemies with these weapons. Pistols are typically limited to lower-level enemies such as street thugs, security personnel and lightly armored soldiers.


  • The standard CA-40 pistol has a maximum range of 35 meters.
  • A handful of pistols found in the game have a reload value of 80, as opposed to the default 50, allowing Jensen to run through hundreds of rounds surprisingly quickly when combined with other upgrades. Pistols with non-standard reload values include:


Elite Edition 10mm PistolEdit

  • Included as part of the Intruder Gear DLC, available as a free download.
    • A modified version with slightly slower fire rate optimized for 3-round-burst operation.
    • The Elite Edition deals more damage to hard targets (robots, cars, cameras, doors, destructibles) than its regular counterpart, despite the damage indicated in the in-game stats view. It takes only a single bullet from the silenced elite pistol to destroy cameras.
    • The Elite Edition pistol has a maximum range of 40 meters, slightly more than that of the regular version.

Tips Edit

  • The standard CA-40 burns through the player's ammo stock at an alarming rate when modified to fire automatically. If possible, the Elite Edition should be used instead if the player favors the Zenith as its 3-round-burst along with slower rate of fire can help with ammo conservation.
  • Every armed personnel in the game possess an unlimited supply of CA-40s that can be witnessed by repeatedly taking down an enemy and looting his weapon, then letting another wake him up. Said enemy will always produce a new pistol out of thin air if woken up without a weapon, which can be exploited with a bit of management to farm for pistol ammunition and/or dismantling fodder if the player has the Micro-Assembler augmentation.


  • The CA-40 retains much of the old Zenith's aesthetics, but now features a squared backstrap with an internal hammer system akin to Glock pistols that enables it to use firing mode modifications.
  • The new Zenith model is referred to as the "CA-40" by its receiver branding and the case studies of the ZAP derivative, while the in-game description identifies it as the "CA-4".


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