XNG Shipping is a shipping company in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Deus Ex: The Fall.


XNG is a shipping company, used by various organizations worldwide for cargo transportation. Adam Jensen stows away aboard one of their vessels, Hei Zhen Zhu, transporting human cargo inside cryo-pods to an unknown location from Belltower dock in Hengsha.

It is later revealed that the ship's destination was Rifleman Bank Station, an offshore military base and detention facility run by Belltower Associates in which experiments were performed on the unfortunate people shipped here by Illuminati scientists. It is also the location where Sarif Industries researchers, Declan Faherty, Nia Colvin, Eric Koss and Megan Reed were initially kidnapped to by the Tyrants before being transported to the Omega Ranch.


  • Besides shipments to Rifleman Bank Station and Omega Ranch, Hugh Darrow also employed the company for transportation of workers and materials during the construction of the Panchaea project.