In Deus Ex: Invisible War, citizens receive global and local news through the World News Network terminals installed in various public areas. This is a transcript of news bulletins that appear in the game.


Upper SeattleEdit

Upper Seattle City CenterEdit

The new face of hate. They call themselves the Knights Templar and claim to be descended from Hugues de Payns and the Temple of Solomon. They say that their war against augmented and genetically engineered humans is a war against infidels. If a human body is a sacred book-- then no organization has burnt more scripture than the Templars.

Stop the hate. Report all Templar activity -- before it's too late for YOUR community.

Cash reward for information leading to the identification of Templar high priests.

You care about the people who lost everything during the Collapse. That's why you refuse to support companies like QueeQueg's Coffee, which cut costs by exploiting poor bean growers. You support the new economy epitomized by Pequod's regulated, health-inspected coffee plantations, which have brought jobs and fair pay to tens of thousands.

Pequod's. Coffee for your kind of world.

In the wake of unprecedented terrorist attack on Chicago, enclave-area residents are taking a harder look at those groups who oppose WTO expansion. Suspicion naturally gravitates toward the nondenominational faith known as the Order. But who are the Order? To date, the Church's leader has hidden behind a cloak of secrecy, appearing to her followers only as Her Holiness. Furthermore, Fundamentalists such as Luminon Saman, champion a much stricter interpretation of Order doctrine.

A toxic spill shut down the inclinator system early this morning. It is not yet clear whether the substances being transported were mislabeled, prohibited or simply mishandled by the Inclinator crew. The system will remain offline, until the hazardous materials can be contained.

Club VoxEdit

As survivors flee the remains of the city, they wonder how or why this disaster could have happened. The damage was not caused by any sort of explosive or missile, but rather by an agent that seems to have dissolved the very substance of the buildings. We still do not know who is responsible, but the totality of the destruction leads many to wonder whether this may signal the beginning of yet another Collapse.

Brett Steed: Time again for a.... ta-a-alk BULLET! In the bull's eye today, WTO Security Chief Donna Morgan.

Donna Morgan: Hello.

Brett Steed: One question, Chief -- Chicago. Who programmed the nanite detonator, why didn't we know about it, what is the WTO going to do about it?

Donna Morgan: Clearly, anyone capable of planning such an operation --

Brett Steed: I think this is a humanitarian crisis but also a political crisis. WTO enclaves have thrived because the WTO offers oases of stability in an unsafe world. Will this no longer be a truism post-Chicago?

Donna Morgan: I think it will, because --

Brett Steed: This is what I think the WTO should do. Hang KEEP OUT signs at every checkpoint and replace those SSC flunkies with WTO military.

Donna Morgan: The failure in this case of the aerostat perimeter doesn't --

Brett Steed: Thank you, Chief Morgan. This has been another.... ta-a-alk BULLET!

Her Holiness: We were not meant for mindless subsistence. We were not meant for clock time -- no, not in this world, nor in the next. Let the Order into your heart and learn another way. We were meant to believe, to aspire -- yes, aspire... Toward oneness. Toward union with earth and spirit. Toward inmost Order.

Announcer: Paid for by the Order Church. See the church in your area for details.

Emerald SuitesEdit

When you drink a cup of coffee, you drink Pequod's, because Pequod's is a pioneer of the new economy: efficient, modern, clean... Pequod's is on the cutting edge of nutrition and medicine. Our coffee will whiten your teeth and protect against ulcers. Pequod's. Coffee for your kind of world.

Signals are mixed at Order headquarters in Lhasa, Tibet. Earlier today, WTO Director Chad Dumier proposed a summit meeting between his organization and Order officials in response to the rioting in Trier, Germany. We're getting reports that Her Holiness is considering the offer, but this is what she had to say to reporters a moment ago:

The Order does not condone violence or the incitement of violence. However, no plans have been made for a summit meeting. We are reviewing the Director's proposal and considering how to respond.

The renewed anti-WTO rioting in has some world leaders issuing warnings about a possible civil war. The Order and WTO have maintained a fragile peace over the last two decades as they've pursued parallel strategies for rebuilding global government after the Collapse.

In an uncertain world... Where the rule of law seldom reaches beyond city walls... Where businesses must look after themselves... Thank goodness you can count on Standard Security. Against terrorism, espionage, rioting, and plain old theft, WE protect YOU.

Lower SeattleEdit

Streets Edit

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Refinery Riots, protesting the incorporation of Seattle into the WTO. Mourners held a candlelight vigil in remembrance of those killed in the chaos. After the results of the referendum were on this day last year, demonstrators took to the streets, to make their anger and disapproval known. Protesters claimed that the vote had been somehow fixed and that the results did not reflect the will of the people, particularly those living outside the enclave. It took several days before peace returned to the streets of Seattle, but there were no further disturbances afterward, although some of the tension lingers.

You know that Queequeg's coffee beans are slow-roasted in convective drums for maximum fidelity to regional flavor. Yes, you demand authenticity from everything you do, and coffee is no exception.

Queequeg's Coffee. True to the letter means it tastes even better.

After the decimation of Chicago, the obscure motives of Her Holiness and the Order are only part of what worries security experts. Go under the veil of the Order and you find that perhaps Disorder is a better word for this so-called unified world faith. Harmless missionaries at the train station? Or sleeper agents for a regime fundamentally opposed to commercial society? Luminon Saman's inflammatory rhetoric is widely believed to have caused the recent unrest in Trier, Germany. But did adherents to an extreme brand of Order philosophy in Europe carry out a strike in the center of the American heartland?

Greasel Pit BarEdit

Responding to the rioting in Trier, WTO Director Chad Dumier made a gesture of reconciliation today. He offered to meet with Order high-priestess Her Holiness for talks designed to ease misunderstanding between the two groups. The WTO is wrongly equated with blind commercialism, says Dumier, just as the Order is wrongly equated with fanaticism. If we learn to listen to each other, we can coexist peacefully. The WTO fully supports freedom of thought and freedom of religion.

No response yet from the Order. Anti-WTO rioting broke out for the third time recently at the Panzerwerks factory in Trier. Many blame Order agitators for the violence.

You drink only the finest, most authentic coffee, because you demand excellence in everything you do. You're well aware that some coffee chains use polymerized flavor additives, freeze-dried beans, even coffee proteins that have been synthesized by bacteria. You also know that Queequeg's Coffee imports exclusively from independent coffee growers from around the world.

Queequeg's Coffee. True to the letter means it tastes even better.

Brett Steed: Time again for a.... ta-a-alk BULLET! In the bull's eye today -- Lin-May Chen, High Augur of the Order Church. Miss Chen, do you believe one damn thing you've said since you became a spokesperson for the Church?

Lin-May Chen: Well, of course. I --

Brett Steed: Because I think Her Holiness is a fiction. That's right -- a fiction. Why doesn't she show her face when she appears in public?

Lin-May Chen: Well --

Brett Steed: Because these a body doubles for a phony messiah. Tell me, who writes the little AI constructs that go into those hologram chapels cropping up everywhere? Don't play dumb with me, Miss Chen.

Lin-May Chen: Mr. Steed! On the contrary --

Brett Steed: Go ahead. Lie to me. Lie to the public and lie to the poor saps who worship you and "Her Holiness." It will just make your day of reckoning that much more devastating.

This has been another.... ta-a-alk BULLET!

Most of us DON'T reside inside the well-guarded walls of an enclave. Most of us would be surprised to see a uniformed officer on our street, outside our business, on our way to the market. Our protection is our own responsibility, and that's why Mako Ballistics offers handheld weapons to suit any household budget or security threat. Stop your attacker with a stun prod, an electromagnetic boltcaster, a pistol, dual-action shotgun, or SMG machine gun. Whatever your security concerns, you can make it with Mako.

Cairo (First Visit)Edit

Old CairoEdit

Attention residents of Old Cairo. The particle haze you are experiencing does not pose a health threat. Repeat: the haze appears to contain only mildly parasitic nanoscale fallout. Cover your mouth and nose while traveling outdoors, but rest assured: the danger is minimal. Arcology scientists are currently investigating cleanup alternatives.

Queequeg's coffeeshops. Bright, clean... your sanctuary from life's worries. Aerostats protect every one of our stores, so you can be certain that your latte is grit-free. Within our protective barrier is a cozy cafe atmosphere as sealed and secure as any WTO arcology.

QueeQueg's. A taste of class.

Only the select qualify for admission into Cairo's Tarsus Academy. Is your son or daughter our next star? You owe it to them--and to the world--to find out.

Tarsus Academy: Preparing the next generation for the world.

As the time for the first ever WTO-Order summit draws near, Vera Maxwell, the Executive Commander of the SSC, runs through final preparations and strategies.

We've got our guards in place and every eventuality planned for. My troops are ready for anything.

In a short time, the SSC will be put to the test on the international stage. Tension in Trier right now is building, as members of both organizations flow into a city already exhausted by conflict.

Cairo ArcologyEdit

Level 107Edit

This is a Code Yellow health advisory.

The Arcology Director's office has determined that the particle haze outside the city contains highly bio active nanotech fallout. If you absolutely must leave the arcology structure, wear appropriate protective gear and return to a sealed area as soon as possible.

This is a Code Yellow health advisory.

More reports of catastrophe in Seattle. A toxic spill closed the Inclinator bay. It is not known at this time whether the event was accidental or part of some greater plan. The hazardous materials have since been contained and eliminated. The Inclinator is now running on schedule. We will bring you more details on these events as they become available.

It's never too soon to talk to your kids about the dangers of black market biomods. Untested and volatile nanotechnology, bought and sold on the streets. Your children could be their next customers, installing illegal and immoral biomods, ruining their bodies at an early age. If you don't talk to them, who will? Don't let your son or daughter fall prey to this disturbing trend.

Amid the safe... Amid the predictable... Amid the sleepy and the sheltered, one place stands apart. One place where anything can happen, as wild as the outlands seen below our wall-sized window.

Pequod's Coffee. Arcology Level 107 -- on the edge.

As the city of Trier gears up for the Order-WTO summit, Vera Maxwell, Executive Commander of the SSC has personally taken control of setting up security for the event. In an interview with the World News Network, she had this to say:

This is an historic moment that the SSC is proud to be a part of. To demonstrate our commitment to making his a safe and productive meeting, I am flying to Trier myself to everything goes according to plan.

So, as the leaders of two of the world's most influential and powerful organizations prepare to make history, they will not need to worry about security concerns.

Arcology Air TerminalEdit

Living in the comfort of a WTO arcology, it's easy to take for granted all the theory and work that went into constructing these living spaces. The concept of arcology was developed by Paolo Soleri in early modern pre-Collapse society, during the 1960s. Simply put, it is the fusion of architecture with ecology. The arcology eliminates wasteful consumption of land, energy and time by putting living, working and public spaces within easy reach of each other, making walking the main form of transportation. In the wake of the Collapse, the WTO seized upon the highly integrated and compact urban form as a solution to the present toxicity and sprawl that were only exacerbated by the Collapse. Not all WTO enclaves use this architecture, but in the environments that demand safe, sealed and tightly-knit cities have found success with this structure.

This has been today's 'WTO Did You Know?' Check back tomorrow for more fascinating facts.

Brett Steed: Time again for a.... ta-a-alk BULLET! In the bull's eye today -- Professor Louis Strand. Tell me, Professor -- your liberal think-tank -- don't even liberals understand that when religious fanatics resort to violence the WTO should respond blow-for-blow?

Louis Strand: Well, at the Strand Institute --

Brett Steed: We're talking about the rioting in Trier. Order religious fanatics inciting workers to destroy the lawful property of the Panzerwerks factory.

Louis Strand: Calling someone a fanatic --

Brett Steed: Isn't it true that we are approaching a watershed moment in international affairs in which two great powers, separated so far by circumstance and the fog of reconstruction, finally begin to bump elbows?

Louis Strand: Certainly the WTO, as well as the Order --

Brett Steed: You and I both know that it's hi time for the rule of law to be established both within the WTO enclaves -- and without. Thanks for being with me, Professor. This has been another.... ta-a-alk BULLET!

This is a Special Report from World News. Coming on the heels of the Chicago disaster, the city of Seattle has been hit by a series of terrorist attacks. The Seattle Tarsus Intermediate facility was raided, with numerous casualties. The extent of the damage is not yet known. And Mako Ballistics is reporting that terrorists have infiltrated their Redmond facility and have stolen the plans for a weapon prototype. We will bring you more details as they become available.

The city of Trier, Germany is one of the oldest cities in Europe and will soon be a site of an historic meeting between the two largest political bodies to emerge since the Collapse. The WTO made the offer to hold talks in response to anti-WTO rioting in the Trier Panzerwerks factory. Sources tell us that a formal acceptance speech from Her Holiness is imminent. Reportedly, she will cautiously accept the summit invitation but will emphasize her belief that WTO policies are the root cause of the rioting, not Order evangelism.

Our condolences to the families and friends of all those lost in the Chicago incident. Our admiration to all those inside and out of protected enclaves. Together, we face each uncertain day with resolve and courage.

Piezochem.... Medkits. Respirators. Bots for recovery and medical assistance. Providing necessary products as we stand beside you in a difficult time.

Today's forecast calls for a medium airborne nanite debris level. It will be hazy and overcast Outside, so it is safest to remain inside the Arcology's atmospheric barriers. If you must go out, respirators are recommended, especially for the elderly and for children.



Live -- from Cairo, where the Headmaster of a Tarsus Academy has been reported to the SSC as a threat to the students he oversees. Parents are in an uproar over the discovery that Silas Archer was actually a member of the fanatic anti-biomodification group, the Knights Templar. He has been working undercover at the school, with designs on a number of top students. Apparently he had orders to murder these children. Fortunately, his plan was uncovered in time.

This advertisement is broadcast if Alex D paid NG Resonance's manager to promote Queequeg's.

NG Resonance: Hi. I'm NG Resonance. One thing I can't stand is imitation. That's why I'm so uncompromising with my music, and that's why I drink QueeQueg's. A tall, foamy Queeqachino makes me feel good because I know it was made from real coffee beans grown the old way, organically, by independent farmers. Pretty cool, huh? Not to mention the edge it gives me before a big show. I don't know what I'd do without my QueeQueg's.

Queequeg's -- coffee for a new generation.

This advertisement is broadcast if Alex D paid NG Resonance's manager to promote Pequod's.

NG Resonance: Hi. I'm NG Resonance. I depend on my singing voice. That's why I drink Pequod's coffee. Nanoscale scrub-bots are brewed right into every serving, so the sensitive tissues in your throat are strengthened and repaired with every swallow. Pretty cool, huh? Not to mention the edge it gives me before a big show. I don't know what I'd do without my Pequod's.

Pequods's -- coffee for a new generation.

We would all like to feel a bit safer and more in control. Whether it's a concert where people get a little out of hand or a lonely walk home late at night -- For the times when you need a little extra punch -- Horde Riot Control Products gives you the Stun Prod. You can instantly interrupt the function of an assailant's nervous system, rendering him immobile -- but without terminating him, releasing you from any untidy liabilities, just in case your trigger finger was a little itchy. Horde RCP. When you need a little extra punch.

Nine Worlds TavernEdit

Brett Steed: Time again for a.... ta-a-alk BULLET! In the bull's eye today -- Chairman Dumier of the WTO. Welcome, Chairman, I admins what you've done for the world community.

Chad Dumier: Hi, Brett.

Brett Steed: You've proven once and for all that a sound economic infrastructure establishes confidence, trust, and a good life for everyone. Why demean yourself by negotiating with a religious cult?

Chad Dumier: Well, Her Holiness is a woman who --

Brett Steed: I'm EMBARRASSED for you, Chairman. Seriously. You're kneeling before con-artists. I'm turning red. Look at me -- I'm turning red just thinking about it.

Chad Dumier: I'm a diplomat, Brett. Her Holiness and I --

Brett Steed: Take my advice and call the whole thing off. Encourage them, and you just make the Church into a bigger problem. Mark my words... Afraid that's all the time we have. A pleasure as always. This has been another... ta-a-alk BULLET!

This news report appears if Alex D reprogrammed the nanoformer bots in Cairo Arcology to synthesize the cure to Plague 11.

For the first time in decades, meteorologists are detecting a dissipation in Nanite Swell 11. In the history of the fourteen nanite pollution clouds globally, no natural disintegration has ever been observed. Five years ago, there was a significant shift in Swell 9, but that was caused by el ninosicIcon sic. Most predictors seemed to indicate that all of the nanological clouds were permanent aftereffects from environmental damage done in the wake of The Collapse. This unexpected change is great news for the citizens of Old Cairo who had grown accustomed to the permanent haze which was suspected by many to be the cause of the higher incidence of certain deceases in the medina.

This news appears if Alex D did not reprogram the nanoformer bots in Cairo Arcology.

No new news on the fifteen global Nanite Swells. Except for a significant shift in Swell 9 five years ago due to some El Niño activity, no change or disintegration has ever been observed in them. Most predictors seem to indicate that all of the nanological clouds are permanent aftereffects from environmental damage done in the wake of The Collapse. While no concrete research has been done, many suspect that breathing these particles causes a higher incidence of certain chronic diseases.

Panzerwerks -- It's not just a name, it's a commitment -- to security, to safety, and most of all, to the community. Our facility in Trier provides more than half the population of the city with jobs they can be proud of -- the production of bots, from security grade to military level. Helping to keep the world safe.

Right now we're expanding production, so we're looking for new faces. You might be the next Vice-manager in charge of servo-receptors or Armor Acr-Welder Technician 3. Submit your application today.

Cairo (Second Visit)Edit

Old CairoEdit

Brett Steed: Time again for a.... ta-a-alk BULLET! In the bull's eye today -- Luminon Saman, formerly of the Order Church. So you've gone public with a NEW con-game, I hear. What's it called...? Uh --

Luminon Saman: I'm the Templar Grand Master.

Brett Steed: Right! Knights! That's rich.... Beat up a few defenceless bystanders, and suddenly you're --

Luminon Saman: We've declared open war. Today the Templars avenge themselves against Philip the Fair, who drove us underground nearly eight centuries ago. Is it so difficult to understand?

Brett Steed: HEY -- I'll ask the questions here. You're thugs, and innocent people --

Luminon Saman: You will fall. Your culture has already disintegrated into flimsy tatters. We are merely sweeping the streets clean.

Brett Steed: That's it! Cut the mike. Someone.... cut the --

Luminon Saman: Your little blips of thoughts -- "bullets," indeed. You and your kind have murdered the human intellect with momentary impulses, the noise of the machine, seeping into every mind...

Brett Steed: Hey! HEY! I'm not going to sit here and -- Janice! What's --

Luminon Saman: Janice no longer works here. Mr. Steed, this is the last "talk bullet."

Meteorologists have detected a weather anomaly in New York City, that appears to be centering on Liberty Island. There have been a sudden and unseasonable temperature drop which has not as of yet stabilized. The cause is yet unknown.


Arcology level 107Edit

This news report appreas if Alex D reprogrammed the nanoformer bots in Cairo Arcology to synthesize the cure to Plague 11.

Nanologists and meteorologists continue to watch Nanite Swell 11 intently. All indicators so far suggest that this is not a spurious short-term change but a radical climatological shift that scientists expect will severely weaken the effects of this swell, if not eliminate it entirely. For the first time in years, citizens of Old Cairo are able to walk in the open air without aid of breathers or other apparatus. Besides the visible clearer atmosphere, doctors hope to see a decline in the symptoms associated with what is commonly called Plague 11.

This news report appears if Alex D advised the Trier Queequeg's coffeeshop manager to stay silent about Queequeg's and Pequod's being one company.

Trier residents have been getting a new cup-o-Joe next month. Pequod's has announced plans to open a branch in the downtown district. The manager of the local Queequeg's has been curiously silent on the issue.

This news report appears if Alex D advised the Trier Queequeg's coffeeshop manager to report to the media that Queequeg's and Pequod's are one company.

A Trier business owner was murdered today. He was the manager of the local QueeQueg's coffeeshop. It is unknown whether he is the victim of another labor dispute or an unrelated crime.

Calling themselves the Templars, heirs to the ancient scared brotherhood, they now vow to protect Purity in the present day from biomodification, which they believe pollutes and degrades the human genome. To accomplish these ends, they have officially left the Order church and armed themselves. Grand Master Saman, a former luminon in the Order, has stepped forward to clarify their agenda.

We have tried to spread our word quietly, but too many have fallen under the spell of this corrupt technology. Since when is strength more important than aspiration? Since when is the mind more important than the pursuit of wisdom? Hear us, citizens! In times to come, you will thank us for our bravery.

As the Templars unveil their plans and their alarming influence and strength, the world waits to see what this work may entail.

Arcology Air TerminalEdit

Although the summit has surrounded by chaos and unrest, WTO and Order representatives did finally manage to meet and discuss ways to alleviate the tension between their respective organizations. WTO Chairman Chad Dumier was proud to make the following announcement:

It took countess hours of negotiations, but we were able to come to an agreement that benefits both organizations' individual members worldwide. In the coming weeks, we will each be presenting new by-laws that will eventually create an interlocking relationship between the two groups, so that our coexistence will be complementary rather than conflicting in the future.

As the new by-laws are presented following this historic announcement, we will bring you the details as soon as possible.

Live from Cairo, Egypt, where the arcology has been taken by a small military group called the Knights Templar. Fed up with what they believe to be the pollution of the human genome by biomodification, and frustrated with the general public's refusal to respond to their message, the Templars have instead taken Cairo by force and by all accounts intend to enact their agenda through a military state. Their have been no indications yet what their next move may be. Expert anticipate drastic measures, based on what we've learned so far.

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