This article is about the tactical shotgun in Mankind Divided. For the Human Revolution shotgun, see Widowmaker TX.

The Widowmaker TX Tech-1 is a weapon in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.


The Widowmaker TX Tech-1 is a derivative of the original Widowmaker TX, boasting higher versatility overall at the cost of slightly lowered damage.

It is a very powerful weapon to have on hand when dealing with enemies up close. It deals great damage within its effective range while its manageable recoil and crosshair bloom can be taken advantaged of after a short bit of getting used to. The Tech-1 has an additional advantage of being highly ubiquitous, being favored by the Police, security personnel, street hoodlums, Shadow Operatives and gangsters alike, making it highly unlikely to ever run out of ammo during use.

However, the Tech-1 without modifications has a rather small magazine and slow fire rate, making it ill-advised to close in too much during firefights. Without reload speed augmentations, the Tech-1 is also rather tedious to reload, which can leave the player vulnerable during the noticeable downtime. Lastly, due to the same ubiquity that ensures the weapon's long lifetime, detected players can find themselves coming under fire from multiple shotgun-bearing hostiles that can shred their health in an instant if flanked.

Notes Edit

  • The standard Widowmaker TX Tech-1 has a maximum range of only 25 meters. While this weapon is already inaccurate at longer ranges, targets outside of the maximum range cannot be hit regardless of the trajectory of the shots.



  • Fully-automatic drum-fed variant. Only loads Armor Piercing shells, which are available in very limited quantities.
  • The Devastator has a maximum range of 35 meters.
  • The reload time is quite significant, but it's uncommon to have enough ammo, or enough enemies, for that matter, to where you must consider a reload.
  • Locations:
    • Purchasable from Mikael Mendel's shop starting from the second visit to Prague.
    • During the third visit to Prague (martial law), a Devastator can be found in the police station.
    • During M15: Securing the Convention Centre, a Devastator can be found in the CSO's weapons locker.
  • The Devastator may be traded for one of Nada Birak's special stocks.

Tips Edit

  • The standard Tech-1 can accept a silencer, making it a good option for stealth if the player is not concerned with maintaining a Pacifist playthrough.
  • Fully-upgraded, the standard Tech-1 outperforms the Devastator in terms of fire rate (if the trigger is clicked repeatedly), potential DPS (with burst fire) and recoil. However the Devastator has the advantage of effective range, magazine size and potential damage-per-shot due to its AP bucks. 
  • Unlike what's claimed by the description, the Devastator will only load AP buckshots, so one must refrain from selling or dismantling that type of ammo if they intend to use the weapon.
    • Due to its limited modification options, the Devastator is a great candidate for unlocking the Ruthless Efficiency achievement.


  • The Widowmaker TX Tech-1 was based on the SRM Arms M1208 but not loaded to full capacity.
  • The idea behind the Devastator seems to have been inspired by the MPS AA-12, with the most distinctive features being the weapon's big 32-round drum magazine (the largest drum size of the AA-12) and exclusive automatic operation.
    • The Devastator's concept art in the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Mini-art book depicts it simply as a drum magazine mod for the standard Widowmaker rather than a standalone weapon.


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Upgrade optionsEdit



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