White Helix Labs is a defunct subsidiary of the VersaLife Corporation. It acted as a research facility for childhood genetic diseases. The Labs were destroyed in a fire during the 1990s; an incident that killed many of the inhabitants of the building.[1]


The Labs were based in Michigan, United States.[1] White Helix performed experimental genetic therapy treatments on young children; one of which was Adam Jensen.[2] These experiments were unsuccessful for the most part, with the exception of Adam. The experiments permanently altered Adam in such a way that he could withstand mechanical augmentation without suffering from Darrow Deficiency Syndrome.


Once the employees of White Helix realized that they had succeeded with one of the children, they became protective of him and the inevitable new batch of babies that would be exposed to the same "treatment". As a result, two of the staff members (namely the biological parents of Adam Jensen) burned the building to the ground to put an end to the experimentation. Jensen's parents perished in the fire but Michelle Walthers, a nurse in the labs, managed to rescue Adam from the burning building.[2]

Initially, Michael Berris, the General Manager of White Helix, claimed that no one had died in the fire. However, a message on White Helix's toll-free line that made this claim was later removed when bodies were found amongst the wreckage.

In addition to the loss of life, the fire destroyed all of White Helix's files and employment records. This made it easy for certain staff members (such as Arthur Jensen) to all but 'disappear' after the incident.[3]


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