For Whiskey in Deus Ex Mankind Divided, see Alcohol (DXMD)

Whiskey is a consumable item in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The only existing brand found in-game is Tango Foxtrot Tasty Whiskey.

Description Edit

"Tango Foxtrot Tasty Whiskey is a real man's bourbon whiskey -- guaranteed to get your courage pumping and your heart racing faster than the sound of approaching infantry will."
- Whiskey description


DXHR Whiskey1

Whiskey will replenish 25 points of health when consumed, up to the maximum of 200. Similar to other methods of healing, this effect is temporary; it won't deplete automatically, but also will not regenerate past 100.

Despite its value, it is actually one of the more common types of alcohol found in-game.

Alcoholic beverages will imbue the drinker with a small increase in damage resistance.  Adverse effects will include blurred vision. Each additional beverage consumed (or the greater potency of a single beverage) will increase this effect.


  • Despite the in-game descriptions, all healing agents grant double the listed effect if the player is injured (<100hp) - in this case, 50 health points per use.
  • Additionally, when an injured player consumes such an item, and the healing effect surpasses 100, the players health will automatically increase to what it would have been if the player consumed such an item at standard health (100) - in this case, to 125 health points.
    • Translation; if the player currently has 51+ health points, the first drink will heal to 125, meaning a maximum of 74 points may be healed, despite a listed healing effect of only 25 points.
    • It is not known whether this is a bug or the intended result.


  • The brand of whiskey featured in the game is labeled "Tango Foxtrot". "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" is the NATO phonetics for "WTF", which is short for "what the fuck?", a cleverly hidden joke by the developers.
  • Despite Tango Foxtrot being the only brand of whiskey in-game, another is briefly seen in a trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution titled Goldtooth.
  • Tango Foxtrot whiskey appears in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided as a non-interactable prop.

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