In Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, weapon upgrading has been streamlined considerably compared to its predecessor. Each weapon has only a handful of stats that can be directly increased, while others are passively improved by upgrading certain augmentations.

Weapons are upgraded by one of two ways:

  • Spending crafting parts to enhance certain weapon stats or unlock additional firing patterns of the weapon; and
  • Attachment of weapon attachments (also known as weapon mods).

Upgrading by Using Crafting Parts Edit

See the main article on Crafting Parts for a list of weapon upgrades that can be applied to each weapon and their respective costs in crafting parts.
Crafting parts (DXMD)

Crafting parts are a type of specialized resource that can be found throughout the environment, bought from merchants or gained by dismantling unused weaponry with the Micro Assembler augmentation.

Upgrading weapon statsEdit

There are three primary statlines for most weapons the player can invest their crafting parts on: Damage Output, Ammo Capacity and Rate of Fire that are applicable to most weapons bar certain unique ones. Some weapons may not accept all three types. For most weapons, each stat can be upgraded thrice before maxing out. A stat's crafting parts requirement will increase with each upgrade.

The stats that cannot be upgraded in a conventional sense are Accuracy, Recoil and Reload Speed. However, these stats can all be improved by investing into the Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis. Certain attachments may also affect a weapon's Accuracy, with scopes and laser sights increasing it while suppressors impose a small penalty while equipped. Certain weapons also possess Firing Pattern upgrades which have their own applied stat boosts/penalties when active.

A weapon's currently loaded ammo also determines how much Damage it deals per shot, with additionally-applied boosts and penalties depending on the ammo type and the kind of target it is being used against (e.g. EMP rounds deal massively-reduced damage against body armor and flesh of unaugmented enemies).

Unlocking firing patterns Edit

Specific weapons have alternative Firing modes that can be unlocked with the right amount of crafting parts and then toggled on and off at will. Certain modes will confer additional stat modifiers.

  • Full-Auto - Zenith CA-40, Hurricane TMP-18
  • 3-round Burst - Elite Edition 10mm Pistol, Widowmaker TX Tech-1
  • Semi-Auto - FR-27 Sanction Flechette Rifle
  • Double-action (Hairpin Trigger) - Mustang Arms .357 Magnum (+30 Rate of Fire)
    • Not an actual alternate fire mode, but instead a passive upgrade to the rate of fire.

Weapon attachmentsEdit

Laser SightEdit

Laser sight (DXMD)

Also known as laser-targeting system.

Description Edit

This weapon attachment is a universal rail-mounted laser sight that allows for precision aiming by projecting a low-divergence visible laser dot on a sighted target. No dot will appear on out-of-range targets, reducing ammunition loss through test or speculation. The attachment is compatible with most weapons on the market.

Functionality Edit

Dramatically increases a weapon's accuracy.

Compatible weapons:Edit


  • Behind the garage door with a level 4 lock in the alley, west of TF29 entrance. The mod is in a cardboard on the floor.


Silencer (DXMD)

The NS-X20 Silencer provides near-complete suppression of gunfire, making it so that discharging one's weapons at a certain range will not cause general panic. Enemies standing too close to the player or the shots' impact zone will still get suspicious, however.

Compatible weapons:Edit


  • Sold by Mikael Mendel at 33 Hlavni.


Description Edit

Holosight (DXMD)
The Reflex holographic weapon sight is a non-magnifying gun sight that maximizes the operator's peripheral vision, and guarantees faster target acquisition. This is done by superimposing a reticle on a distant field of view when the operator looks through the viewer. The reticle will also soft-lock on targets to give the user an even greater sense of superiority. The attachment is compatible with most weapons on the market.

Functionality Edit

Slightly improves a weapon's accuracy and helps to counteract the effects of recoil.

Compatible weapons:Edit


  • Sold by Mikeal Mendel at 33 Hlavni.

4X ScopeEdit

4X Scope (DXMD)

The 4X Scope provides a moderately-magnified precision optic that can greatly assist the player in acquiring distant targets and landing accurate shots on them, effectively turning certain weapons into low-powered sniper rifles at a small loss of peripheral vision.

A weapon can be modified to have both a holosight and a 4X scope, if the weapon is compatible with both. When both a holosight and a scope have been added, only one of them can be toggled as active at any given time.

Compatible weapons:Edit

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