Chapter 4 - A Wolf Among Sheep
En route to recover the Typhoon, Jensen discovered a Purity First terrorist trying to steal it. But the so-called extremist was secretly augmented and killed himself to avoid interrogation. Hoping to find answers, Jensen confronted Zeke Sanders, the Purity First leader, who swore up and down he didn't know his man was enhanced. Jensen let Sanders escape, determined to focus on the Aug...

M5/M6 - Visiting the L.I.M.B. Clinic is a mission in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It is initiated simultenously with Investigating the Suicide Terrorist by speaking to David Sarif following the events at the Milwaukee facility.

Primary objectiveEdit

Meet with Doctor MarcovicEdit

Adam is advised by David that he should see Vera Marcovic at the L.I.M.B. clinic in Detroit for a checkup.

Entering the clinic will immediately start a short cutscene followed by a conversation with Vera. She will inform Adam about the fact that there's no glial tissue buildup around his augmentations, and even after six months after the initial surgery, he doesn't require Neuropozyne, as there are no signs of implant rejection by his body.

She will also tell him that despite the fact that not all of his augmentations were activated initially, Adam could purchase Praxis kits to activate them now, if he feels the need to. They will be available for purchase at all the L.I.M.B. clinics, and cost 5000 credits each. Two will be available in each clinic, and restocked in later chapters.

David Sarif has generously donated 5000 credits to your account and you will be awarded 1000 XP for completing this quest.

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