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The computer of Vin du Quebec, which is located in the Palisade Blade Plaza, has a security rating of 1. The e-mails on the computer provide information on the operations of the wine store.

Josiane Vert's computer Edit

Shipment Delay Edit

From: Serge Perade
To: Josiane Vert


It turns out that our last shipment was indeed damaged in the augmented terrorism bombing in Prague.

Thankfully, we have confirmation from our insurance company that we were covered for such an event.

Please contact any customers who have pre-ordered the following wines and inform them of the delay:

  • MINK red blends 2025 AND chardonnay 2027
  • D.E.D. cabernet sauvignon 2023
  • SUEDE VlDl petite sirah 2019
  • X pinot noir 2028

Though this is sad news, as many of these wines were some of this year’s most anticipated, we believe this actually helps our bottom line. Our marketing team has devised a roll-out plan to use the terrorist bombing as a way to explain the limited supply of the wines listed above.

Bottles that were not pre-sold will now be promoted as being of “Limited Quantity” and the retail price for each bottle will be increased by 25-40%. More profits for all!

Serge Perade
International Shipping Dept.
Winemakers of Quebec

New Wines Edit

From: Serge Perade
To: Josiane Vert


These are the new wines available from Quebec:

Merlot 2025
This Merlot is evidence of 2025’s overall quality. It is powerful and concentrated with currant jam, plum, and clove flavors, yet elegant with hints of earl grey tea and leather. Notable for its remarkably rich tannins that frame the dense fruit flavors, the wine is the perfect introduction to drinkers unfamiliar to the Quebec region of wines.

Tempranillo 2026
Velvety and smooth, the 2026 Tempranillo berry carries the flavor of ancient plum and heirloom strawberries. The barely noticeable notes of patchouli will surprise the mouth with a smoky aftertaste that announces itself from a distance. The rhythm of complex flavors can be overpowering at first, but the smokiness will eventually settle down into the perfect bottle of wine for unwinding on a Sunday afternoon in the park.

Let me know if these interest you.

Serge Perade

International Shipping Dept.
Winemakers of Quebec

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