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Vehicles are mobile machines that are designed to transport people or cargo from one point to another. Vehicles fall under a large variety of categories, including cars and trucks, airplanes, trains, etc.

Their energy source is usually either a liquid fuel or a energy cell of some variety. External combustion engines can use almost anything that burns as fuel whilst internal combustion engines and rocket engines are tailor built to burn a specific fuel, typically gasoline, diesel, or ethanol.

The player can not control any vehicle in-game, and even if all vehicles are in working order, only helicopters and boats are seen animated in the games. They are also often used in-game as a means to either block an otherwise viable route, or help close off part of the area map.

Deus ExEdit


Cars and TrucksEdit

  • Minivan
  • Police van
  • Papismado


Human RevolutionEdit


Cars and TrucksEdit



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