Hi Everyone!

I started today with playing the Nameless Mod. The firt time I liked it but I'm still exploring the first level, noticing that generally people don't forgive (breaking TV in the apartment or the glass in Sol's).

  1. You can kill everyone besides Phasmatis, Deus Diablo and King Kashue. You can actually kill King B. Scara, but you'll be certainly screwed and this won't be easy or worthy, and I'm not insane.
  2. Bug: some enemies turn ghosts if provoked (Phasmatis, Jackie, Zero, Kylie, PDX Agent, King K.)
  3. THERE'S A BIG KARKIAN IN A SECRET SLUM TUNNEL! wtf, but he's peaceful... blow it up (I quickload)!
  4. Everything depends from killing or sparing a dragon... hell, no, impossible... or it is...
  5. Daytime! A level set in day, finally!
  6. Nice the new small Spider-bot prototype. Hot.
  7. Walton Simons appears in the mod. FEMA stuff or somethin'
  8. Trest has a girl, finally !!! You can leave her, of course, or kill her :(  Your choice.

I recommend this mod of course, and it works with Shifter/Biomod, also recommended.

If you see monsters let me notice, so I load myself up with LAMs (I've seen 4 of them).

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