'DEUS EX GOTY 'Special

Shifter and BioMod Special savegame


-Deus Ex 1 with 1.1112fm patch

-BioMod 1.1 (Shifter 1.9 RC1 included) from here. It can't run withput it.

Note: you can run old saves without the mod, but you cannot use Shifter/BioMod saves on an unmodded game.


  • All credits, All skill points, All augs.
  • No game progress done, at all! It's a sandbox in Hong Kong: you can start the plot as you wish. You atart from Jock's apartment, your home.
  • Cheats not enabled
  • No items collecred. No guns in inventory. Find them on your own!
  • No goals, no notes, no images, no conversations, no skills, no logs.

The only goal to progress into the game is  to find a way to escape from the city! To enable the plot, bypass the Nano-sword container in Chow's apartment to make things faster.

Addictional things I've done:

  • Upon entering Chow's apartment, you can fund May Sung to your right.
  • The Buddha statue in the apartment is open.
  • You can take the Nano-sword if you want, however you must use the computer or bypass the keypad to continue.
  • Some doors and keypads aren't open because of the lock is structured differently.
    • The Nano-sword container isn't bypassed because of the plot incoming.
  • If you enter the Luminous Path Compound before it's time, you couldn't continue because Gordon Quick will be permanently hostile.
    • However you can try infiltrating Tong's base and see how they greet you!


[Coming soon]

Instructions: Put the "Save" folder in "Deus Ex: GOTY" directory.