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A Thing that Deus Ex 1 Really Needs

XNGamer February 3, 2016 User blog:XNGamer


Hello everyone!

Have you guys ever thaught that one of the negative effects in Deus Ex was the absence of effects, I mean the absence of physics? Have you tried pushing a wheelchair, throwing a vase or destroying a sofa? How ugly... But this isn't the point: the worst thing is the absence of the "ragdolll effect" appearing in The Conspiracy and Invisible War! Simply throwing a deas body results horrible and I want to make the physics when throwing a body!

If you knock out someone, you can shoot him but he'll still remain "Unconscious"! Dead or unconscious makes only ONE minor difference: if you stun the trooper after talking to the NSF leader, Manderley wil warn you in the debriefing.

Who does think like me?

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