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  • I was born on April 23
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    February 27, 2016 by XNGamer

    'DEUS EX GOTY 'Special

    Shifter and BioMod Special savegame


    -Deus Ex 1 with 1.1112fm patch

    -BioMod 1.1 (Shifter 1.9 RC1 included) from here. It can't run withput it.

    Note: you can run old saves without the mod, but you cannot use Shifter/BioMod saves on an unmodded game.


    • All credits, All skill points, All augs.
    • No game progress done, at all! It's a sandbox in Hong Kong: you can start the plot as you wish. You atart from Jock's apartment, your home.
    • All doors unlocked and keypads bypassed (everything I could, not really all).
    • Cheats not enabled
    • No items collecred. No guns in inventory. Find them on your own!
    • No goals, no notes, no images, no conversations, no skills, no logs.

    The only goal to progress into the game is  to find a way t…

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    The Nameless Mod

    February 5, 2016 by XNGamer

    Hi Everyone!

    I started today with playing the Nameless Mod. The firt time I liked it but I'm still exploring the first level, noticing that generally people don't forgive (breaking TV in the apartment or the glass in Sol's).

    1. You can kill everyone besides Phasmatis, Deus Diablo and King Kashue. You can actually kill King B. Scara, but you'll be certainly screwed and this won't be easy or worthy, and I'm not insane.
    2. Bug: some enemies turn ghosts if provoked (Phasmatis, Jackie, Zero, Kylie, PDX Agent, King K.)
    3. THERE'S A BIG KARKIAN IN A SECRET SLUM TUNNEL! wtf, but he's peaceful... blow it up (I quickload)!
    4. Everything depends from killing or sparing a dragon... hell, no, impossible... or it is...
    5. Daytime! A level set in day, finally!
    6. Nice the new small S…
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    Hello everyone!

    Have you guys ever thaught that one of the negative effects in Deus Ex was the absence of effects, I mean the absence of physics? Have you tried pushing a wheelchair, throwing a vase or destroying a sofa? How ugly... But this isn't the point: the worst thing is the absence of the "ragdolll effect" appearing in The Conspiracy and Invisible War! Simply throwing a deas body results horrible and I want to make the physics when throwing a body!

    If you knock out someone, you can shoot him but he'll still remain "Unconscious"! Dead or unconscious makes only ONE minor difference: if you stun the trooper after talking to the NSF leader, Manderley wil warn you in the debriefing.

    Who does think like me?

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