GameStop is apologizing for the Deus Ex: Human Revolution coupon kerfuffle with a $50 gift card and a two-for-one preowned offer.

GameStop really stepped in it with the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. After discovering that the game was packed with a coupon for a free copy from cloud gaming service OnLive, the company made the remarkably boneheaded decision to open all the boxes, pull the coupon and sell them without it. That went over about as big as you'd imagine, but then it managed to poke itself in the other eye by announcing the next day that it was pulling the game off the shelf completely until it had new, coupon-free copies. Preorders would be filled with existing copies but customers wandering in off the street would have to settle for the Augmented Edition or nothing at all; nobody was getting screwed too hard but in PR terms it sure didn't help...

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