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Hi everyone! Okay, listen up: My name is Chris, and I'm new on this wiki. I don't know much about Deus Ex except that I love it, and that Adam Jensen is bad@$$ as all get out. I really want the game, but, money is money, and when you're broke, you write blogs about it. So:

1) I'd like as many people as possible to introduce themselves to me, so I can get to know you better. Im pretty well-known on Silent Hill wiki, so if you wanna contact me there, go right ahead, but the administrators can be strict.

2) Like I said, I know zero. If someone could walk me through the more important pages I need to explore to know these games, that'd be helpful. I'm also getting into Resident Evil, so I'll be doing the same there.

3) I hope to be pretty active on here soon enough. Provided I can learn. Soon, you should be seeing something on my profile page.

3) I'm an artist. People who are my buddies get artwork for them. As in: If I feel like you and I are good friends, You will get a portrait related to you in some way on my profile page, with a link to yours. So feel special.

4) All around, hello!

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