So I've been thinking about it lately and from my perspective, it seems that this particular wiki has too many bureaucrats. There are actually more bureaucrats than there are admins, which seems a little absurd to me. The truth of the matter is that Deus Ex is a topic that some people are really passionate about, then they end up leaving once they get bored with it.

All bureaucrats, myself included, are guilty of this. We end up promoting someone else to bureaucrat and they end up leaving after they get bored too. Admins and normal contributors in general are also guilty of this as well, but an admin's powers can always be revoked, whereas bureaucratic rights are pretty much permanent. Then when we inevitably get a new game, everyone will be interested again so this leaves the possibility that the wiki will be lead in multiple conflicting directions by all of the bureaucrats.

At first I was thinking about requesting to have our inactive bureaucrats' titles revoked, but that seems a little insensitive to me. After all, they worked hard and contributed to get their priveleges. So I pondered over it and it seems to me that it would make more sense to have inactive bureaucrats demoted to admins. After all, the only difference is that a bureaucrat can promote/demote people. But it seems unfair to me that people can come back after years of being inactive and come back then decide what direction the wiki should go.

I spoke to Wikia Staff about this and they tell me that it must be the community of this wiki to decide. So this is why I am opening up the discussion to everyone. It is my belief that 3 bureaucrats in particular have been inactive long enough to warrant being demoted to admin. These users in consideration are Itachou, Dean0608, and Cam2A. All 3 of these people have been inactive for over a year. I'd even like to have Richard Jackson downgraded as well, since he has been inactive since 2008 and barely made any contributions anyway. But as it stands, he is the founder of this wiki and the Wikia Staff rarely demote founders. The remaining bureaucrats have been inactive for awhile, but not long enough to consider demoting them.

Anyway, with 3 bureaucrats being turned into admins, that would leave 4 bureaucrats and 9 admins, a balance that seems much more reasonable.

Like I said, this was just an idea I had. Ultimately, it is up to you, the people who contribute to this wiki, to decide how it should be run. Please leave comments below stating how you feel about the idea, whether you support it, are against it, or have a different idea.

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