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    Just found a full set of all the music from Human Revolution; it's ripped from the 360 version but far as I can tell the music is identical to that of the PC release; many, MANY more tracks than what's on the released OST, thought I'd save some searching for those interested. The links were all working at the time of this post, but since it's not my stuff I can't promise it'll be there in the future.

    Found via:

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  • Philanthr0py

    Some useful screenshotting tips, we need images! :D

    First, download FRAPS (my personal choice as it's useful for a number of tasks, but any screen capture software should work.) Configure it as you wish, you'll want to hide the overlay though (there's a clear option for this). I'd recommend saving images in .png format, for the purposes of the wiki.

    Second, you'll need an image editor, again there's lots of options but my personal choice for this is IrfanView as it has lots of features and is free. You'll want to crop out (Ctrl+Y in IrfanView) any HUD elements or on-screen prompts (such as the prompt to move around cover) or so on as you see fit; be sure to disable your aiming reticule in the game's options before screenshotting, simple thin…

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