• IvIetho5

    An application to trademark Deus Ex: Human Defiance was filled two days ago by Square Enix. It's not yet clear whether the application is aimed add to the series' prequel Deus Ex: Human Revolution or related to the Deus Ex movie. Given the success of Deus Ex: Human Revolution it will be shocking if Square Enix didn't want to make a sequel (or another prequel?).

    EDIT: Just in case some of you missed it, on April 1st Eidos "announced" (or rather made a spoof of) the Deus Ex: Human Defiance concept on their Deus Ex website.

    Proposed Deus Ex: Human Defiance game screenshots:

    Watching the video, Deus Ex: Human Revolution's Executive Game Director (Jean-Francois Dugas) and Production Designer (Jonathan Jacques-Belletête) discussed their view for the future of the…

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