The release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution allowed a significant increase in edits and traffic on the Deus Ex Wiki, thanks all for your presence and your contributions here ;)! But the urge to make edits and to complete the Wiki, that I totally understand make some people to go too fast and don't read the policies and guidelines of the Deus Ex Wiki before doing an edit, the standard format for articles and rules used here.

I saw more than twenty images upload here with no copyright, so I should take my time to put all their copyright. I also like the Deus Ex universe like you and I also want to contribute to the Deus Ex Wiki, not to be constantly behind (me as the other admins) to put the copyrights and corrected the format of pages for other since they are already written in the policies and guidelines and that a simple reading would have avoided this.

So, the non-compliance to follow the rules here several times as well as vandalism will be punishable by temporary ban increasing gradually until an indefinitely ban. If you don' know how to do something, I'm at your disposition for any request concerning the Wiki, just let me a message on my talk page or the other admins and we will respond as quickly as possible. The policies and guidelines are done to have a clean and consistent Wiki, so if you like the Deus Ex Wiki as me, please read them and respect them =).

Also, due to increased traffic on the Deus Ex Wiki, we are looking for a new admin who will work mainly at first to put the copyright on images and check the format of each page (as well as ban vandals). After you have put the copyright on some images and have made some interesting edits, if you want to apply, please sending me your request on my talk page and we will look at your case with the other admins.

Well, see you around and again, thanks all for your presence and your contributions here, keep up the good works!

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