A quick hello to everyone, and a note of thanks for the continued progress we are making. I have a quick request for admins first: can you guys in particular make some form of a user page? At the moment they are - more often than not still - the generic Wikia generated one. As you guys are at the top level, maybe you could spend a minute or so adding a picture or two, say what you specialise in and say why you like Deus Ex, just to make us seem more approachable and interested in the series :).

Next, we have one active bureaucrat, so it would be wise to vote on the forum on another bureaucrat. Please note that votes for oneself we be discounted. Furthermore, please note this is to admins, no offense ;).

That's about it for now, so just continue the hard work and give me a shout if you need anything.

Anyone will have to be approved by Elpeppo87 too though :).

Good luck all :)

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