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    A note to admins

    November 12, 2011 by General Carter

    A quick hello to everyone, and a note of thanks for the continued progress we are making. I have a quick request for admins first: can you guys in particular make some form of a user page? At the moment they are - more often than not still - the generic Wikia generated one. As you guys are at the top level, maybe you could spend a minute or so adding a picture or two, say what you specialise in and say why you like Deus Ex, just to make us seem more approachable and interested in the series :).

    Next, we have one active bureaucrat, so it would be wise to vote on the forum on another bureaucrat. Please note that votes for oneself we be discounted. Furthermore, please note this is to admins, no offense ;).

    That's about it for now, so just conti…

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  • General Carter

    Edit: A new policy about images has been created, please read this and follow it when you upload an image -> Image policy.

    The images that are uploaded are beginning to be a bit of a problem. This is due to the fact that very few users use the licenses provided, even less categorise them, and the names too are an issue. I will thus address these one-by-one here to provide some clarity to users.

    Licenses are provided and take very little time to add. These stop us being liable for using the images from the Deus Ex series. The simplest way to add these is to simply add "== Licensing== for example.) Then you place your image on the page, hopefully in a gallery. Now, everyone is happy and there is no need for me to have to spend time doing this. …

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