So, as I'm kinda new here, and yet have been venturing to these boards abnormally often, I figured I'd give my 2 cents on a certain subject that I keep noticing.  A poll thats been on the front page of this wiki for more than a year asks the simplified question: Do you support the idea of a Deus Ex franchise reboot?  The desire, it seems, has proven the growing trend in the entertainment industry of today, with a rough ratio of 18:1:1, where the possible answers are 'yes, maybe, or no' respectively.

Now, reboots have intrigued me quite a bit lately, mainly due to this apparent 'solution' to the lack (or downward slope) of original ideas and creative thinking in entertainment (movies, music, etc.).  They are arguably a good course of action sometimes, and questionable or disturbing other times, but they are almost always perceived well and thereby welcomed.  This is despite the obvious problems with canon, originality, and tender childhood dreams and memories.  Note: sequels and adaptations (book ->movie, game->movie, etc.) are a slightly different subject with different pros and cons, possibly worthy of a different blog, but if you feel it relates to your point, by all means...

So my question to you the reader, if you have the time, is 'Why?'.  If you voted in the poll, no matter how you voted, please explain your choice - but as the majority is certainly in favor, are you merely hopeful in seeing the travesties of DX2 undone? / or perhaps what you really want is just a 'shine job'?  Otherwise, more generalized opinions are welcome, while hopefully (at least somewhat) relating back to Deus Ex.  Is it merely a for-profit enterprise or are the people exploiting the content earnestly trying to improve it?  In the end, why is there such a need for reboots?

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