While looking through game files of Deus Ex: The Fall, I noticed things that I haven't previously seen in the game. First, there are some weapon inventory view image with file name containing "Australia":

CombatRifle Australia

An Australian version of combat rifle...

Pistol Australia

...and an Australian pistol.

These should not be surprising, though, as it has been stated at the end of DXTF that next stop for our protagonist, Ben Saxon, is Australia. However, more excitement lies in some unused game loading screen, with name containing "New York" and "Vertical Slice", like this one:

NewYork BankServer

Knowing Deus Ex, will we have a chance to revisit New York, or should we say, "previsit"?

Enlarge the image, you will notice that the upper left corner says Deus Ex: Icarus Rising:


Is that the title of next game? a scrapped concept? or merely the old name of DXTF? We can only take a guess. Now here is another example:

VS Menu

"Vertical Slice" is also called "Zaphire" in another loading screen. If you recall, the company behind the story of DXTF is called "Zaaphire".

So, what do all these tell us? Are they features of future title, or merely cut content of DXTF? Let's hope we will find out soon!