Deus Ex: Human Revolution premieres tomorrow, but IGN has already published a review of the game. The reviewer gives the game 9/10 and considers it amazing, if not without certain flaws.

The free-form approach found everywhere else gets winnowed down to murder alone here. While you can experiment with the best ways to bring these augmented killers down, these points always signal the brief but blatant removal of your free will, an unexpected turn from the same game that allows you to make your way through the entire affair without killing anyone else, ever - except for those bosses. Even if you might want to let them live. There's no room for subterfuge, no room for mercy, and no margin for deviation from a very straight line story-wise.
Other games do this as well. But few games encourage and reinforce creative problem solving and the importance of your own moral compass the way that Human Revolution does. To see that cast aside means little from a pure gameplay perspective. But as an experience, Human Revolution suffers more than any game I can think of because of it.
Is it fair to punish Human Revolution holistically because of its inability to deliver on the logical progression of its promise? Probably not. But as the credits rolled, I contemplated that as much as I did the human existence-altering options I had to choose from along the way.

And what do you think? Are you going to buy the new Deus Ex as soon as it hits the stores?

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