Art book covers

Following a panel at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con, Eidos Montréal have announced that they are working on a new novel, comics series, and a full Human Revolution/Mankind Divided artbook! There has been no official release date given for any of these items. However the author of the novel, James Swallow, has said to expect it around the release of Mankind Divided in 2016.

In a blogpost, Swallow stated that the working title of the book is "Black Light" and will "take the character of Adam Jensen from the explosive ending of Human Revolution and into the narrative of Mankind Divided two years later. Familiar faces will return, new mysteries will be revealed, and more".

In addition to these announcements, the Deus Ex team and Musterbrand have announced a collaboration on clothes items inspired by the games. The full "Deus Ex Universe couture" collection can be seen here.

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