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    Following a panel at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con, Eidos Montréal have announced that they are working on a new novel, comics series, and a full Human Revolution/Mankind Divided artbook! There has been no official release date given for any of these items. However the author of the novel, James Swallow, has said to expect it around the release of Mankind Divided in 2016.

    In a blogpost, Swallow stated that the working title of the book is "Black Light" and will "take the character of Adam Jensen from the explosive ending of Human Revolution and into the narrative of Mankind Divided two years later. Familiar faces will return, new mysteries will be revealed, and more".

    In addition to these announcements, the Deus Ex team and Musterbrand have ann…

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    For those of you that were following E3, you're probably aware that we got to see more of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. In particular, Eidos showed a new in-engine trailer which reveals new plot details and demonstrates some of the combat. In addition to this, the capabilities of the new Dawn Engine were shown off in the tech demo below.

    The most notable thing they shared, however, was a 25 minute gameplay demo which demonstrates lethal, nonlethal, and stealth gameplay. (For anyone interested, I posted an analysis of this demo (mostly lore and story related stuff) on Reddit)

    The official Deus Ex website has been updated to give information on some of the characters that will appear in the game. Mankind Divided has also been given a release date of…

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    One thing that seems to be the case with this wiki is that not much discussion goes on here. The talk pages are sometimes used when someone has something specific to say/ask, but there's no general discussion about the games. I find it unusual that a wiki for such a well-known series has very few long-term editors, and I suspect part of the problem is this lack of discussion. This may be a problem that won't be possible to solve, but I was trying to think of ways that we could improve it.

    I was considering the idea of enabling the Article Comments feature that replaces talk pages with a comments section at the bottom of articles. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the comments section and there are definitely some drawbacks, but it might e…

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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, an upcoming Deus Ex game, has been announced! It will be a sequel to Human Revolution, taking place two years afterwards in 2029. The protagonist will again be Adam Jensen. He will be fighting against augmented terrorists with the help of an INTERPOL-funded 'Task Force' and will be armed with multiple new augmentations. In 2029, mechanically augmented people are segregated from the rest of humanity as a result of the events of Human Revolution. The city of Prague in the Czech Republic contains a 'ghetto' for augmented humans known as Golem City. Adam Jensen will visit the city during the events of Mankind Divided.

    Square Enix began an interactive stream on the 6th of April to reveal an upcoming game referred to only as …

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    The prequel novella titled Deus Ex: Fallen Angel can now be read for free courtesy of Eidos Montréal. It stars Faridah Malik and is writen by James Swallow who also wrote Deus Ex: Icarus Effect. I believe it was only available to those who preordered the Directors Cut of Human Revolution from Square Enix's store so I'm sure there are plenty of people who haven't read this yet (like me). Enjoy!

    (Click the name of the book to read it).

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