The Tyrant Jetliner is an interstitial location in Deus Ex: The Fall. The main mission The Killing Floor, which explores how Ben Saxon came to leave the Tyrants, takes place in this location.


The jetliner is used by the Tyrants as a mobile base of operations between missions. It is fitted with stealth gear, presumably to allow it clandestine access to various different countries. Each Tyrant member including Jaron Namir, Ben Saxon, Yelena Fedorova, and Lawrence Barrett has their own room on the plane.

There is a section of the jetliner that is only accessible to the leader of the Tyrants, Namir. The mysterious "Killing Floor" that allows the Tyrants' superiors to give them new orders is located here.

The plane also features a cargo hold with a retractable ramp that facilitates the loading or unloading of cargo. During a confrontation between Jaron Namir and Ben Saxon, Saxon uses the retracted ramp to jump from the plane into the ocean below.


  • The Tyrant Jetliner is the only place where you can interact with the Tyrants on a friendly basis.
  • Various auto-secretaries can be found throughout the jetliner that document Saxon's recruitment into the Tyrants following the disastrous Operation Rainbird.
  • Framed photos of Jaron Namir with his wife and two kids can be seen in his room.
  • An e-mail from Gunther Hermann to Namir has Hermann requesting a 'skull-gun' augmentation.


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