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Aug blueprint 3

Blueprint of the Typhoon Explosive System.

The Typhoon Explosive System (TES) is a powerful mechanical augmentation developed by Sarif Industries for military purposes. The system launches a number of explosives in every direction, then detonates them a short while later, either killing or heavily damaging anything in its blast radius.

A prototype of the Typhoon appears in the prologue (being demonstrated to General O'Neill by Vasili Sevchenko) and is later the target of the attack at Milwaukee Junction by Purity First leader Zeke Sanders, which prompts David Sarif to bring Adam Jensen out of sick leave in order to deal with the situation. It is Adam's primary objective, even over the lives of the Sarif employees held hostage there. Adam successfully recovers the Typhoon and delivers it to Frank Pritchard for examination.


Typhoon activate 2

The Typhoon in action.

The Typhoon can be used by Adam after he is augmented, available in the torso slot in the augmentations menu. It can be initially activated with two Praxis Points, and further upgraded with an additional point. While the first level can effectively neutralize any non-boss human enemy within the blast radius, it lacks the power needed to destroy bots. The second level addressed this, giving the TES the power to destroy almost anything in a single use; bosses will take at least a second such blast. Both levels one and two of the Typhoon require one energy cell to use.

Ammunition for the Typhoon is fairly rare outside of LIMB clinics, where it may be purchased for 100 credits a pack, although it may be found. The ammo takes up two slots in the inventory, and stacks up to five.

Trivia Edit

  • Based on the presence of Typhoon ammunition and various e-mails within Tai Yong Medical (TYM), it is clear that the company stole the early schematics for the Typhoon during the raid on Sarif Industries. However, the e-mails also indicate that TYM has yet to solve the back-blast problem alluded to in the beginning of the game.
  • Yelena Fedorova is equipped with Tai Yong Medical's bootleg of the Typhoon system, as demonstrated during battle.
  • If approached close enough, Belltower Ogres will activate their Typhoon systems defensively. Typhoon ammo packs can be found on their bodies when slain or knocked unconscious as well.
  • Typhoon turrets like the one demonstrated during the prologue can be found midway through The Missing Link campaign, with two of them being posted on the third floor of the containment center. These devices are laser-activated, meaning they will engage if Jensen trips over one of their yellow sensor beams, which are thankfully short in range.
    • Typhoon turrets cannot be moved, destroyed or remotely deactivated. It is however possible to temporarily disable them using the Stun Gun.

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