Trier is one of the oldest cities in Germany, and the home of Panzerwerks. It is also the headquarters for the German shard of the Order Church.


In 2072, rioting broke out after the local Seekers began sabotaging the main Panzerwerks factory, claiming that the factory was damaging the local environment. This sabotage enraged locals and workers, who depended on the factory to keep their economy running, and the Order soon found itself embroiled in such violence that both Her Holiness and Chairman Dumier of the WTO decided to hold negotiations geared towards bringing the two antagonistic organizations together (unbeknownst to all but a few, the two organizations were already allied; they were both faces of the secretive Illuminati.)

During the course of negotiations, Her Holiness was betrayed by Luminon Saman, the leader of the local shard, who believed that Her Holiness had betrayed the Order by meeting with Dumier. The kidnapping plot was averted by the intervention of Alex Denton and the WTO, and this resulted in the historic treaty between the Order and the WTO, but also spurred Saman to reveal himself as the leader of the anti-biomod extremist group the Knights Templar.

"Trier, Germany, was selected as the site of the WTO-Order summit. The city is proud to be part of making history. Trier is invested in the WTO because of heavy manufacturing interests there, but it is also the seat of an Order Shard. Panzerwerks, the world’s foremost producer of bots, has a Class A plant in Trier, Germany. Most of Trier’s population is employed by the Panzerwerks bot factory. Their production ranges from security to military grade."
- Deus Ex: Invisible War description, 2072

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