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Titus King is a field reporter for Picus News in the year 2029. He is vehemently against augmented people, portraying them as monsters who will do anything to further their cause.


Prior to 2027, Titus was married and had a son named Sebastian. Sebastian had a life-threatening illness which meant that he had to receive mechanical augmentations to keep him alive. During the Aug Incident, Sebastian unintentionally kills his mother. Following this incident, Titus attempts to conceal his son's existence from the public and falsely reports that his wife died of breast cancer.

Titus King reports on the raid of a Prague warehouse in 2029 by Task Force 29, where the Task Force rescues dozens of children from augmented terrorists. Throughout the course of the raid, he uses the circumstances to slander augmented people, calling them monsters. He urges his viewers to stay away and oppose augmented people.

He regularly interviews anti-augmentation activists such as Pavel Mikulski on his show on Picus TV. During one such interview in Dresden, Germany, King is ambushed by a group of augmented terrorists led by his own son. Sebastian King broadcasts the hostage situation internationally. He announces that he is Titus King's son, and demands that a set of conditions be met for his release. Due to the intervention of Task Force 29, Titus is extracted safely.

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