DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package "I once thought I could save the world... now look at it"
— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

Titan is an experimental augmentation in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Description Edit


A neodymium skin underlay matrix built of nano-meshed rare earth magnets and powered with hook-ins to the Biocell electrical system, the TITAN skin augmentation can be activated at will and then dissipated instantaneously.

The neodymium underlay is installed with a few thousand ampoules of dimorphic magnetorheological fluid (a carbonyl iron mix with a prismatic foam nano-structure). When activated, the fluid is ejected from tiny nozzles installed throughout the skin. Simultaneously, the neodymium underlay electrifies, causing the fluid to solidify and seal the user inside an iron shell, effectively protecting them from all physical damage.

Its high energy consumption can be somewhat reduced by further upgrades.

Negate incoming damage for a short period of time.

Warning: This augmentation is experimental. Unlocking it will add to the Overclock.

  • Activation cost: 2 Praxis
  • Activation: manual
  • Energy consumption: high

Upgrades Edit

TITAN update 1

Subcutis Energy Mod Edit

A number of modifications to the subcutaneous power distribution network are required to make the TITAN augmentation work. A separate implant handles these modifications fluidly by tapping into the user's energy system and ensuring a continuous power supply.

Connect the TITAN to the energy system.

  • Upgrade requirement: TITAN
  • Activation cost: N/A
  • Activation: manual
  • Energy consumption: high

Facet Cost Reduced Edit

Aug rough transmitter tuning

Shrinking the size of the prisms in the iron foam that makes up the structure of the colloid liquid decreases the per-tick energy required to sustain the shell. The excess energy can then be used to increase the magnetic response of the MR fluid, quickening the development and prolonging the maintenance of the solidification.

Reduce the amount of biocell energy required to sustain the TITAN.

  • Upgrade Requirement: Subcutis Energy Mod
  • Activation cost: 1 Praxis
  • Activation: manual
  • Energy consumption: medium

Facet Cost Optimized Edit

Aug fine transmitter tuning

Reduce energy requirements for the TITAN by activating a series of phasing capacitors installed in the neodymium underlay. These will passively collect energy from the user's ambient EM field and release their charges during nanosecond intervals via the usual biocell dispersion schedule.

Greatly reduce the amount of biocell energy required to sustain the TITAN.

  • Upgrade Requirement: Facet Cost Reduced
  • Activation cost: 1 Praxis
  • Activation: manual
  • Energy consumption: low


  • Light or medium weight enemies can be taken down even with the Titan field active. However heavily built enemies, such as Viktor Marchenko, need something like EMP damage or an electric shock to soften them up for hand-to-hand delivery.
  • Titan shield energy drain increases exponentially the faster you move.



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