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— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
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Tibor Sokol is a member of the Augmented Rights Coalition. He lives in Golem City with his brother, Dušan, and Dušan's wife, Adéla. Hoping to get his family out of Golem, Tibor made a deal with Interpol, promising to get their agent into ARC territory.

Deus Ex: Mankind DividedEdit

When Adam Jensen arrives inside Golem City, Adéla informs him that Tibor and Dušan have been taken by the police to The Narrows. When Jensen gets there, Tibor is locked up behind bars and informs Jensen that there is nothing he can do to help as he will just put his family in danger, but does give alternatives on getting into ARC territory.

Tibor later manages to get out of his cell and warns other ARC guards about Interpol closing in, believing ARC will keep his family safe.


  • The player can confront Tibor after he warns his fellow ARC members about Interpol. Depending how one answers him, he will either sit down and let Jensen go about his mission or warn the others.
  • A pocket secretary can be found on a fellow ARC member in G.A.R.M., who is dead from the Orchid. Tibor tried to warn them how he did not like the way Viktor Marchenko was destroying ARC's peaceful approach and making it more violent, especially after Rucker's death. He will also mention he heard Marchenko talking about "Stormsurge", which turns out later to be the code name for attacking Nathaniel Brown's Safe Harbour Convention.[1]
  • Tibor will appear on the news during the ending, talking about how Marchenko was not ARC and tried to destroy the organization instead. In what may be a bug or oversight, Tibor will appear on the news even if he is killed in ARC territory.


  • "Sokol" means "falcon" in Slavic languages.


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  1. "Be careful" - message on a pocket secretary found in G.A.R.M.

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