Chapter 6 - Moving Shadows
Decrypted data contained in a dead man's neural hub pointed Jensen to an abandoned factory complex in Highland Park. Flown there by Faridah Malik, Jensen sets out to investigate the area. Little does he suspect what he will find...

M9 - The Transmission is a mission in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Primary objectivesEdit

Investigate the areaEdit

  • Talk to the friendly gang leader who has some information. You can also buy a special mod for the tranquilizer rifle or crossbow, ammo for the tranquilizer rifle, crossbow and shotgun as well as grenades, emp and gas.
    • If you kill the MCB Leader, you may loot the special upgrade at no cost (but you will have to deal with his bodyguards).
  • Automatic unlock in the box behind them. (Pre-order DLC only)
  • Various packs of Ammo in boxes and rare revolver ammo on top of the scaffold, which you can reach from the half broken fire escape.

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