The Neural Hub - Design For a Next Generation is an eBook in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It can be found in office 27 in the Sarif Industries headquarters.


By Hugh Darrow

Excerpt from a paper in NeoNature, May 2015.

Neural Hub technology is viewed by some as the milestone about the neck of cybernetics research, but such commentary indicates a failure to think outside the box. In fact, the neural hub has always had the capacity to grow beyond its function as a gateway for cyberware integration.

These implants, developed in the beginning as components in ever-shrinking cell phone/TV/and MP3 player parts, comprise numerous physical processors integrated on one physical chip, but the key is in the threading: the hub is controlled by software which enables more efficient processing on the hardware. Each input from the nervous system generates its own or multiple threads, based on operations like motion or recollection. What I propose is a combination of multi-core processors tied closer to the human brain's own superlative multi-tasking capacity - effectively breaking down the barrier between the commonplace hub designs of current iterations and the subject's own mind.

In effect, we allow the hub to work with the human brain. In analogy, instead of a relay-race where one participant is slower than the other, it becomes a ride on a tandem.

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