The Lies of Mars is a book in Deus Ex: Invisible War. It discusses a conspiracy theory related to the supposed Mars landing. A copy of it can be found in the Emerald Suites apartments in Upper Seattle.


The Lies of Mars
Why the Global Space Consortium staged the Mars landing:

The words still ring in our ears "Yo estoy aqui. Todos estamos aqui. Humanidad ahora habita dos mundos."(1) With that statement a human being stepped onto Martian soil. With those words our world changed. OR DID IT!!

(1)"I am here. We are here. Mankind now inhabits two worlds"

Independent investigators have been gathering evidence for the past year that the international crew of eight never reached Mars at all, but instead holo-simmed the entire landing from the newly established lunar colony. WTO officials refuse to respond to the allegations and those who try to educate the public about this deception are called crackpots and loonies on the Talk Bullets.

The death of Dr. Martin Xelos in a helicopter crash earlier this year has likely sealed our access to the real story forever. As the last surviving member of the famed Mars crew, he was dogged by truth seekers determined to uncover the deception. In his last interview on the subject he lashed out at those who questioned the "landing", but was obviously filled with fear that his participation in the great lie was close to being exposed. Now the world may never know the truth.

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