The Jack of All Augments is an achievement/trophy in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. To get it, you must unlock every base augmentation in the Aug Tree, although not necessarily every upgrade for that augmentation. This means that every square in the augmentations menu has to have something unlocked in it. 

It is recommendable if not mandatory to install the neuroplasticity calibrator to Jensen prior to attempting this, because otherwise when he overclocks with an unbalanced system a random augmentation will be shut down.


It is possible to get this achievement in your first playthrough, although it will require you to spread your praxis kits among a wide range of different augments. Some of these might not be useful for your playstyle, and the praxis would perhaps be better spent upgrading an augmentation you use frequently. Since the augmentations you have unlocked carry over to a New Game +, it is easier to get this achievement during a NG+ playthrough since you should have plenty of excess praxis kits to spend.


  • Owners of the Tactical Pack DLC will have to purchase the Micro-Assembler augmentation as well to unlock the achievement. As it is an experimental software, unlocking it will further add to the overclock, therefore it would be prudent to wait until one's systems have been stabilized before attempting this.
  • If you are going for this achievement in New Game +, remember to also unlock the Typhoon aug. It is listed as "green" with 0 of 0 praxis in the Augmentation Screen, even if no Praxis points were assigned yet.