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DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package "I once thought I could save the world... now look at it"
— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

There's definitely a conspiracy in the works; the NSN conversation I saw also implicates Bob Page, C.E.O. of VersaLife, in Rucker's murder. Files inside the Palisade Bank will tell me more, but VersaLife is removing them tonight. If I don't act now, I'll never learn about this "Orchid".

M12: The Heist is a main mission in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and takes place during your second visit to Prague. This mission and M11: Confronting the Bomb-Maker cannot both be completed during a single playthrough as you need to choose between them.


Get to the bankEdit

Once you have chosen to infiltrate the bank rather than save the bomb maker, Alex Vega will direct you to the Palisade Property Bank car garage where Janus has left a package for Adam to collect. Travel to the bank in the Čistá district.

Retrieve Vega's packageEdit

Palisade's garage is considered a restricted area, so it is probably best to get the package unseen. There are a number of ways in:

  • remote hack the shutters that are blocking the vehicle entrance. If the guards notice the door opening, they will become suspicious.
  • You can also hack the door beside the shutters
  • move the rubbish bin next to the door to reveal a weakened wall that can be punched through
  • enter through the basement of the nearby Ludvik's Lounge by hacking the locked door and going through the vent. Here there is a door that leads into the parking lot.
  • Or jump on top of the stone sculpture that is in front of the bank to access a vent. In a corner where a police officer is talking to a citizen is a vent on top of the water sculpture. Jump up there and enter that way. The path will drop you near the back of the garage.

The package is in the trunk of a blue car in the right hand corner of the lot. Be warned, if you open the wrong car, its alarm will go off and alert any guards in the area. Also, if you want to move bodies, be careful not to bump them into any of the cars. Some reason Adam can bump up against them to hide, but if a body so much as taps it, its alarm goes off.

Once you recover the package, you'll see it's a blank keycard for Palisade's corporate vaults, and a datastick belonging to Janus that they can use to store the information they need. In order to access the vaults, Jensen needs to validate the keycard with the biometrics of an authorized VersaLife representative. To do this, you must go to the CEO's office on level 3 of Palisade.

Access a restricted terminalEdit

There are multiple ways into Palisade proper, but the most straightforward one is through the front door. Once you are in, you will need to make your way to the next level up, where the CEO's office is located. If you have previously completed the mission Samizdat, and agreed to find information on Picus, this next objective will be familiar and easy to do as you should have all the necessary access cards. As with the parking garage, there are multiple ways to get to the restricted level 3. The easiest way is to look for an elevator keycard that allows you to visit the restricted floor. One of these cards can be found in the Account Mangers office in the lobby area. You will need to hack the door without being seen, or alternatively use a multi-tool. Walk behind the boardroom on this same level and use the elevator to go up. Note: if you suddenly change your mind and want to do Confronting the Bomb-Maker instead, you will have to switch BEFORE you take the elevator up to level 3. The office you are looking for will be directly to your left when you arrive. There should only be one guard in this room, and is easy to avoid. Go up the stairs towards the office and hack the door or use the code 0211.

On the CEO's desk (the right one), there is a biometric terminal beside the computer. Interact with this to create a valid VersaLife keycard to access the vault. Before leaving the office, you may want to access the hidden area if you have not done so already. This opens up an alternate route to the next objective. To get into the area, you need to solve the block puzzle in the office. To do so, interact with it in this order: raise, turn, raise, turn, turn, raise. The area should now be unlocked. Alternatively, sneak back down to level 2 using the elevator, or an alternative route if you prefer.

Use the corporate vault elevatorEdit

To get to the vaults, you need to bypass the guard and laser grid at the far end of the lobby area. The elevator to the corporate vaults is just behind this. If you have the Glass-Shield Cloaking System, you can activate it and sneak through the lasers and onto the elevator. If you chose to access the secret room in the CEO's office, simply go through the vent and it will lead you directly to the elevator. Make sure to move quickly, as sometimes a citizen will panic if they spot you in the restricted area before the vault elevator.

Enter the VersaLife vaultEdit

You will come to another security area before you can access the vault. The easiest way to get around all the guards, cameras, and laser grids, is to use the klipspringer aug and either a multi-tool or have level 5 hacking. You will see two guards talking up on a balcony. Make your way down, then turn and go halfway up the stairs. Jump up onto the ledge and you will see a vent cover behind the sign. Now all you have to do is crawl around in the upper area and make your way to the vault door. On the way you will come across a dead terminal that you can turn on with a biocell if you want to use the turret it is connected to. Continue traveling and you will eventually come across a blocked section that you need to unlock to pass through. Use a multi-tool or hack it, then go through. You should now be past all the security and just have to make your way to the door. Pass through it, scan the keycard on the scanner to the right, and VersaLife's vault will descend. When you enter, a cutscene will play out.

Escape from the bankEdit

After the cutscene, make sure to look around. The pocket secretary has the password for the terminal and if you are doing Tablet Collector, make sure to read the eBook. However, what you really want is in the vault's safe. Unlock it and you will find the Orchid cure, which will be very handy in the final missions, as well as five Neuropozyne vials. Now, once you have gathered what you wanted from the vault, exit and climb up the ladder on the side of it and hit the switch to retract the vault. Now all you have to do it make your way to the top of the area. If you found the Picus keycard, Tarvos Security keycard, and Tai Yong Medical keycard, you can access these vaults as you make your way up. You may need to deploy some of the vaults to reach the top, which can be done by hacking the panels next to them, or remote hacking the side of the vault facing outwards. Eventually you will reach a door at the top that will lead you back to the inside of the parking garage. Exit the garage however you see fit and Adam will contact Miller, who does not sound too pleased that Adam's not focusing on the train station bombing and to meet him at the helipad to explain.

Notes Edit

  • All 3 cards can be found before doing this mission. However, for the TYM card, you need to have completed SM03: The Mystery Augs to the point you found a certain person. The Picus keycard is in the Libuse Apartments (#94), and Tarvos is in the basement of Sobchak's Security.

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