DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package "I once thought I could save the world... now look at it"
— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

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The Harvester
A murdered woman lies in the street. A potential witness - Daria - is worried she saw something she wasn't supposed to. The victim was augmented and Daria says that's enough to keep the police around here from investigating any further.

SM10: The Harvester is a side mission in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is available for Adam Jensen to complete during his second visit to Prague. Completing this mission successfully (no arrests) unlocks "The Harvester" achievement/trophy and will make SM11: The Last Harvest available during your third Prague visit.

Objectives & XP Rewards Edit

Objective Getting Things Done Ghost Smooth Operator
Point of Interest (Too Close To Home) 350 - -
Talk to Montag 350 - -
(Optional) Investigate the scene 250 - -
(Optional) Exhaust all evidence (7/7) 750 - -
(Optional) Talk to Radko Perry 250 - -
(Optional) Find compelling evidence 250 - -
Persuade Johnny Gunn * - - -
(Optional) Talk to Johnny Gunn 750 - -
(Optional) Find compelling evidence 250 - -
Examine Smolinski's notes 750 200 200
Report back to Montag 1500 - -
Mission complete 750 - -

* There is an optional 400XP "Stop the Press" bonus only with CASIE aug.


When you get back to Prague after Golem City, make your way back to Adam Jensen’s apartment complex, Zelen Apartments. Down an alley next to Svobody Beer you will see police tape marking off the alley, but you can enter to find a few police and a neighbor, Daria Myska, standing near the corpse of an augmented journalist, Angela Gunn. If you did not talk to Daria before finishing M11: Confronting the Bomb-Maker or M12: The Heist, Aria Argento will call when you enter southern Prague afterwards and give you this as a Point of Interest, Too Close to Home.

Talk to Daria to start the mission. Daria will say she is scared and does not want to come forth about if she saw anything and asks you to help out because Adam is augmented like the victim.

Talk to Montag Edit

Jensen talking to Montag

Jensen talking to Montag

Once accepted, go over and talk to Detective Karl Montag, who is being leaned on from higher ups to arrest the dead woman’s husband, Johnny Gunn, simply because he is augmented. Montag will give you the chance to figure out the real culprit, if any, before the husband is arrested.

Investigate the Scene (optional) Edit

There are 7 clues in the alley to help your investigation:

  • Bruises on Angela Gunn’s neck
  • Marks on her arm
  • A needle in her right shoulder
  • An augment smashed into the wall (the blood splatter near the body)
  • An EMP fragment between Daria and the floor grill
  • An ID card near Daria
  • Broken glasses near the trash bags and ID card

Adam can also talk to one of the onlookers, Scandalmonger, who will suggest another suspect, Radko Perry, a politician, because Angela was about to expose him. This is a must if you're going for the achievement. If you go back and talk to Daria, she will give you a little bit more information, but can only confirm it was a male attacker.

Exhaust all Evidence (optional) Edit

Once all clues are collected, talk to Montag again and click through options until you can ask about the MO (modus operandi) and mention some of the items you found, particularly the marks on her body and the needle. This will remind him of a past case and suggests that Adam read the file on it back at the police station. You can also ask about suspects and mention Perry, who the detective doubts but says you can check him out if you want to make sure.

Talk to Radko Perry (optional) Edit

Jensen talking to Perry

Jensen talking to Perry

If you want to get the full completionist, make your way over to Perry’s HQ near the pawn shop. You can talk to him outside his headquarters, but he will not reveal his alibi.

Find Compelling Evidence (optional) Edit

Get into Perry's basement and use the messenger on his computer. Someone named Ivanka will be on and talk about negotiating. Do question, bluff, then either option to get the alibi. You can also get the blackmail photo out of the safe if you want, but it is not needed unless you want to have a little chat with Perry about his secret.

Examine Smolinski's Notes (optional) Edit

Now make your way to northern Prague and the police station. The case file is in the basement lockers in the back. It will mention a victim of a possible copycat of a dead killer named Marek Svobotka, aka “The Harvester." It also notes that certain habits that only a select few knew about from the dead killer's cases were also evident in the newer killings.

Talk to Johnny Gunn Edit

Now head out to Johnny Gunn’s apartment. You can talk to him but he reveals he has no alibi as he stayed in his apartment alone all night. If you have the CASIE aug, ask about Belltower then, when the options pop up, select “sympathize” then select “alloy hands” which reveals that he could not have been the killer as the killer left a partial fingerprint behind. If you do not have the CASIE aug or just want to skip the chat, go to his bed and you will see a file up against the cabinet which reveals that his alloy hands have no fingerprints.

Report Back to Montag Edit

Head back to Montag to complete the mission. Choose to exonerate both of them (should be available with your evidence) and select either option after that. Adam will tell Montag all the evidence proves the two suspects, Johnny and Perry, could not have done it. This will finish the mission successfully and unlock the achievement.


  • There is a vent leading to Radko's basement near his office behind a dumpster/bin which allows player to enter it stealthily.
  • Radko's guard may come check the basement from time to time which can be frustrating when hacking Radko's computer and messaging with Ivanka. Cloaking is an option, but due to the long duration of the conversation the player will most likely run out of energy mid-call, revealing themselves to the guard. To prevent this, you might want to take him out silently, or just goad him to attack you which will get the police to kill him.
  • Aria Argento will not call if player already started/finished Harvester side mission before M11 or M12.