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Glitched vision

The glitch is a series of malfunctions experienced by Adam Jensen and other mechanically augmented people during the events of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It causes pain, disorientation, and for those with augmented eyes, interference to vision. These malfunctions and electrostatic disturbances range from "minor flare-ups to potentially lethal defects". The glitches may prevent the transmission of neural impulses to inorganic tissue, leading to the loss of control of augmented limbs.[1]

Examples of the glitchEdit

Adam Jensen experiences several glitches, one of which prevents him from properly interrogating Isaias Sandoval if he does not attempt suicide and instead chooses to fight. On two occasions the glitch can be seen afflicting several people besides Jensen, causing them to stumble and fall over. Two Harvesters can be overheard talking about the problem they experienced while trying to steal someone's limb.

Origin of the glitchEdit

Supposedly, a systemic glitch in augmented people's biochips are the cause of the glitch.[1] In reality, the glitch is intentionally caused by the Illuminati, using Picus' broadcast satellites,[2] as a means to persuade augmented individuals to replace their biochip. This new biochip, developed by Megan Reed's team at Omega Ranch, would allow the Illuminati to shut down augmentations at will; ultimately acting as a 'kill switch' for augmented people.


  • Adam Jensen can choose to have his biochip replaced. Doing so will prevent any future occurrences of the glitch. However, it also leaves him susceptible to the Illuminati's signal which will leave him without functioning augmentations while battling Jaron Namir.

In in-game mediaEdit