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The Fix
Václav Koller tells me he's figured out how to fix the bugs in my system and unlock the full potential of my augs.

SM08: The Fix is a side mission that can be completed during Adam Jensen's second visit to Prague. If you retrieved the neuroplasticity calibrator and finished either M11: Confronting the Bomb-Maker or M12: The Heist, Václav Koller will contact Jensen, saying he is ready to operate on him.

Walkthrough Edit

Go See Koller Edit

This side mission has only one objective and is very straightforward. Simply make your way to Koller's workshop and tell him to operate on you and he will install the calibrator, allowing you to use all of Jensen's augments without having to deactivate others.

Notes Edit

  • If you are playing a New Game +, this side mission is not necessary, but as it is only one objective, it is very easy to complete and allows you to gain some xp.

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