The Final Countdown is a secret achievement/trophy in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

To unlock this achievement, the player must convince Hugh Darrow to hand over the Hyron deactivation codes at Panchaea.


The "battle" is set up in three "phases" with six possible arguments chosen randomly per phase plus a static opening argument. Each choice provided to you (Extrapolate/Critique/Appeal) will increase Darrow's persuasion greatly, provide only a slight increase or decrease it drastically. For the sake of completion, both "positive" responses will be provided, with the better of the two written in bold. To respond to Darrow's opening argument choose Extrapolate.

For the first phase of the debate, If Darrow tries use his intellect and accomplishments to justify his "role" as humanity's arbiter (realizing the "cruel truth" that he alone is capable or accusing "Taggart, Sarif, Zhao" and others of feeding off is works), use Extrapolate or Critique. If he tries to use Jensen's "former career" as a lawman to justify his use of "force as a means of persuasion", reply with Critique or Appeal. If he uses history, sociology and collectivism to rationalize his argument (mentioning "Sociological studies" or claiming that humanity is "Governed by inertia"), respond with Appeal or Extrapolate.

As the second phase of the debate begins and his arguments become more emotional. It becomes clear that his opposition to augmentation and hatred of "people like you" is based on jealousy, because his own body rejects augmentations. If he persists in trying to use "logical" arguments from phase one (claiming how "his genius, his vision" justifies his lofty position, or bringing up what "history shows us"), use Extrapolate or Critique. If he becomes starts pleading with Jensen (going on a lengthy complaint about "Fate" or asking Jensen to "search his heart" for the truth), use Critique or Appeal. If his argument is more bitter (saying that humanity needs a "wake-up call" or how Jensen's "browbeating" accomplishes nothing), respond with Appeal or Extrapolate

At this point, the final phase of the argument starts. To win the debate you must convince Darrow to look past his own hatred and view his actions objectively. If Darrow notes that Jensen's body "accepts augmentations easily" or states that "all of this is academic", respond with Extrapolate or Critique. If he contrasts himself with Jensen (saying that he wanted to "be like you" or calling them "two sides of the same coin"), answer with Critique or Appeal. If he claims that Jensen can't see the "big picture" or asks if Jensen sees him as "some common criminal", finish with Appeal or Extrapolate.

CASIE pheromone optionsEdit

  • Omega option persuades Darrow to give the code to shut down the Hyron computer.
  • Alpha and Beta options will fail the conversation.

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