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Wayne Haas

The Desk Job is a secret achievement/trophy in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It is earned by convincing Wayne Haas to let Adam Jensen into the Detroit Police Station to get into the morgue.


This achievement is a "conversation achievement". It is straightforward enough to get this achievement first time. Wayne Haas is an old squadmate of Jensen from his SWAT days, and has been suffering from guilt due to actions taken in the massacre. He blames Jensen for all his misfortune, especially that he is now just a 'desk sergeant' . You must somehow talk Wayne around into letting you into the station. The first most persuasive answer is always Plead, but after that the conversation is completely randomized.


Being sympathetic and nice is the best way to get through this section; you must convince Haas that he isn't to blame for the child being shot in the massacre. He will ask you to tell him outright that it isn't his fault. Once you've done that, he will back down and open the door for you. The achievement will unlock once this happens.

Interestingly, the exact opposite can be true. If you continue to act aggressive, there is a chance he will back down. As long as he doesn't say that the incident was your fault, you can continue to pressure him without the need of an augment. When he pleads with you to tell him it wasn't his fault, refuse and he will let you in.

CASIE pheromone optionsEdit

  • Wayne Haas is an Omega Type personality and will react to pressure. However this is EXTREMELY ill-advised as it will cause him to attack you in Chiron Building later on in the game.
  • Beta will fail the conversation.
  • Alpha will restart the conversation after you exit and re-enter the police station.