DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package "I once thought I could save the world... now look at it"
— Spoilers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided follow!
DXMD trophy Fresh out of the Package

VaclavKoller 1
The Calibrator
Václav Koller thinks he can work out the remaining bugs in my aug system with something called a neuroplasticity calibrator. Only one problem: the calibrator is in the hands of a Dvali gangster named Otar Botkoveli.

SM04: The Calibrator is a side mission in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is available for Adam Jensen to complete during his first visit to Prague, and can only be completed during the first visit (i.e., prior to visiting Golem City). While this side mission has an achievement, it has another name and depends on the path you take, which means you could miss it (and another achievement) entirely.

Objectives & XP Rewards Edit

Objective Getting Things Done Ghost Smooth Operator
Persuade Otar * - - -
Get the calibrator 1500 200 200
Mission complete 350 - -

* There is an optional 1000 XP "Silver Tongue" bonus if Otar was persuaded to give the calibrator.


You get this mission after talking with Koller and he tells you about the neuroplasticity calibrator that could help Jensen use all his augmentations without choosing which ones to disable. Unfortunately, the one who has it, Otar Botkoveli, is not exactly on speaking terms with Koller, so you have to go get it from him.

There are two ways to get the calibrator, but only the first has the option of opening up more missions and achievements later in the game.

  • Head to the alley behind Tubehouse Electronics to find a sewer entrance with a poker chip paint job. Enter and follow the rugs to the casino entrance and open the door. This will lead to a cutscene of Jensen overhearing Otar talking to one of his men, Vano, before Jensen walks in. Select straight talk all three times and then accept and he will give you the calibrator in exchange for a couple favors down the road. Now all you have to do is head upstairs to Otar’s office and retrieve it off his desk.
  • If you do not want to deal with Otar and the later favors, you can sneak your way in via a number of ways to get to Otar’s office.  Instead of being on his desk though, it will be in the safe (4863).  You will also have to make sure to stay cloaked or carefully time taking out the guards to access the safe (or just kill everyone).

Whichever option you went with, once the calibrator is in hand, Jensen will contact Koller to let him know he got it and the mission will finish.

Notes Edit

  • If you do not talk with Otar, you will not get the later option to deal with Gallois in Golem City and then the side mission, All in the Family, locking you out from both the Honor Holds Us All Together and All in the Family achievements.
  • Acquiring the neuroplasticity calibrator prior to meeting with Koller as if trying to unlock the Time Traveler achievement will bypass the mission altogether. If you wish to get this achievement but want the others as well, simply use a separate save file so you then load the earlier one once you get the Time Traveler achievement.
  • If you do not complete this mission prior to visiting Golem City, Koller will later inform you that he has received the calibrator from Otar, but the calibrator has been smashed and destroyed. In this circumstance, you can still obtain another calibrator from the Tai Yong Medical Vault in the Palisade Property Bank during the second visit to Prague.

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