The Blood of the Champion is a book in Deus Ex: Invisible War. It discusses the comeback of a famous sportsperson, Jerry Wildman. A copy is located in the Heron's Loft Apartments, Lower Seattle.


The Blood of the Champion
What is a game to most
is a way of life to him.

Everyone knows who he is. Every young athlete mimics his signature stare after a score. He has earned the largest endorsement contracts of any professional player who has ever lived. Each of us has watched the holosims of his extraordinary games, marveling at what the human body is capable of. So is it possible that Jerry Wildman, the man who captured the hearts of the world could be returning to the league?

WTO spokesmen are revealing that the former star of the corporate team has regretted his retirement, and is planning an intensive program of training and nanotherapy to prepare for a return to the field. League rules are still unclear on the management of nanoaugmentation among players, but the return of Wildman may force the issue. Rumors abound that he is a candidate for Piezochem augmentation, and if true his fading physicality will be rejuvenated, while his mind for the game has never been sharper.

Next season will be an interesting one, and I recommend you purchase the entire season viewing package. I know I will.

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