The 40-Yard Digital Dash is an achievement/trophy in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It is awarded for succeeding in 3 Data Sphere deliveries in the Breach mode of Mankind Divided. The achievement is also available in the standalone release of Breach.

Walkthrough Edit

Data Sphere deliveries are available in certain servers designated as "Transport Data" missions. The objective is to grab a green data sphere floating on a pedestal at the end of the level and drag it back to the entry point before the end of the lockout countdown. If the player drops the sphere for too long, it will give off a blinking red glow and then return to its original location, forcing the player to go back and retrieve it again.

The following servers have "Transport Data" missions:

  • Network 1A – S09_STOCKADE
  • Network 1B – S13_GARRISON
  • Network 2A – S23_REBAR
  • Network 4A – S04_TALONPIKE
  • Network 4A – DF4_BYLINE (Darknet File Server)