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Terminal Station computer is a computer that appears in the Desperate Measures DLC for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It can be found in the ticket booth of the metro station where the playable map begins.

The computer is unlocked. The login screen indicates it is used by the station employee Jakub Hernych.


Schedule updateEdit

From: Eva Panenka
To: Jakub Hernych

Mr. Hernych,

I am extending your hours today to cover Ludek Jankulovski's shift. There was a death in the family and he will not be in. Your pay will be adjusted to reflect your extended hours and the last minute change. I will need you to cover half of his shift.

If it is impossible for you to take over the half shift, please contact me by phone immediately.

Thank you,

Eva Panenka
District Director
Praha Metro Service

Rumor controlEdit

From: Eva Panenka
To: Praha Metro Service - All

To all employees,

Some of you may have heard about the situation at Terminal Station involving the threat of a suspicious package. I ask that you refrain from speaking to anyone in the press or mentioning it on social media at this time. We do not want to spread rumors that could lead to an increased panic from the public. We will issue a statement in the coming hours. In the meantime, members of the Tarvos Security Services office adjacent to Terminal Station will be handling the station's lock down procedures.

Please follow their instructions until the situation is resolved.

Thank you,

Eva Panenka
District Director
Praha Metro Service

Lock downEdit

From: Simon Whittaker
To: Praha Metro Service - All

To all Praha Metro service personnel in Terminal Station,

Due to the discovery of a potential threat (suspicious package in the access tunnel of Terminal station), and in accordance to Security Regulation 1446-587, all Praha Metro service personnel must relinquish all authority to designated Tarvos Security Officers.

For your own safety, please leave your personal belongings behind and move to the station platform. Notification will be sent to your superiors as soon as the threat level has been cleared and the lock down status on Terminal Station has been lifted. Check in with your superiors once you are home and to receive further instructions.

Thank you for your understanding and swift reaction in this matter. "When protocol is upheld, safety follows."

Lieutenant Simon Whittaker
Head of Operations
Tarvos Security Services (Prague)

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