The Templar V68A power armor is a model of power armor used by the Paladins of the Knights Templar in Deus Ex: Invisible War.


The final version was created in 2072 by the Knights Templar in Cairo. It was created to be an equal opposition against the nano-augmentations. The armor has much better defenses than the MJ12 Obsidian power armor, and is highly resistant to ballistic and explosive ordinance, allowing an Armored Paladin to survive more ballistics or explosive damage then a nano-augmented Tarsus Cadet, and making Templar Paladins wearing this armor very well the most powerful enemy in the entire game (since they almost always are using Rocket Launchers.). However, it does not shield against IEM attacks (namely the Mag Rail), and also has a weak spot in the back, though very difficult and impractical to target. It is presumably powered by standard bioelectric cells.

If the user of such armor falls unconscious, it will self destruct. Something to keep in mind, when doing a pacifist run.


Templar V68A power armor equipment includes:

  • Integrated rebreather, making them invulnerable to aerosol, gas weapons or toxicological attacks.
  • Heat shielding, gives a high resistance against fire attacks.
  • Improved ballistic shielding, provides high protection from small arms fire.
  • Self-destruct system, which activates once the wearer dies, and, interestingly, if they fall unconscious.
  • Various scanning devices.


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