Teddy is the stuffed toy companion of Peter Wörthmüller. He is found in various locations in the Penley T. Housefather Correctional Facility.

A special instance of Teddy appears in the infirmary. Interacting with this Teddy, opens a computer-interface shop that permits items to be purchased and sold. This is the sole shop in the expansion A Criminal Past for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Notes Edit

  • Wörthmüller's mental illness is partially projected through Teddy, whom he thinks is alive. Even manifesting as giving Teddy a personality different than his own.
  • Teddy can be found hidden throughout the prison, outside of the infirmary, where he acts as a storage container. Usually containing useful and rare items such as biocells, praxis kits, and hypostims.
  • Teddy only functions as a merchant when interacted with in the infirmary.
  • Despite seemingly being unable to move Teddy to the various locations you can find him, Wörthmüller implies that there is only one Teddy.
  • When Jensen interacts with Teddy outside his shop, he tears Teddy's head off to find the items hidden inside of him. Apparently Teddy harbors no hard feelings over this and would have done the same.


Item Item Price, Credit symbol Quantity
Weapon Mods
Silencer 1450 1
Biocell 600 3
HypoStim Injector 450 3
Crafting Parts
Crafting parts (20) 100 3
Crafting parts (40) 200 10
Pistol EMP Ammo (15) 300 4
Revolver Armor Piercing Ammo (10) 800 3
Stun Gun Ammo (10) 800 2
Typhoon Ammo (3) 1500 1

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